Cancer retreats are becoming increasingly common today. Several testimonials are saying that these healing retreats help cancer survivors cope better with life after treatment.

Cancer retreats for women are more common than retreats for men. What every woman gets out of a healing retreat depends on what they are seeking to achieve. The retreat model, however, focuses on relieving the survivor from their regular daily routine to focus on inner healing and to gain clarity on their journey forward.

These retreats also emphasize the importance of having the support of people with similar experiences throughout the recovery stage. Most cancer retreat destinations are locations that encourage relaxation, meditation, and bonding sessions between various participants.

If you are a survivor wondering whether a womens cancer retreat will be useful for you here are some reasons to help you make a choice.

1. Nature’s healing power

A lot of cancer retreat destinations are in secluded areas surrounded by lots of flora. Some are at the beach where participants can take a walk or have a campfire or sit beside the sea and enjoy the calmness. Some resorts are off the grid, no cell phones or Wi-Fi so the participants can feel that they are in a sacred place. 

In addition to nature being relaxing, it also provides the participants with the opportunity of engaging in outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and among others.

2. Re-building self-esteem

A cancer patient goes through some dramatic physical changes during treatment. Weight loss and hair loss are among the most common changes. Some breast cancer survivors can end up losing their breasts as part of treatment.

When a woman goes through all these changes, they are bound to feel less beautiful or unattractive. Going to a womens cancer retreat gives participants a chance to encourage each other because you will always find someone who has been through worse and is still thriving.

3. A sense of community

Meeting new people and sharing stories is a big part of the retreat. Most women say that this is the most impactful part of the experience. Whether it is through planned sessions or a random conversation with someone new, sharing your insecurities with people who can relate helps in your healing journey.

Additionally, it removes the feeling of loneliness that most survivors feel after treatment. Such an experience can be hugely transformative for a participant and help in transitioning smoothly back into their daily routines.

4. Healing for both body and mind

There is power in unwinding. A vacation can do wonders for your body and mind. You not only get to rest and to be in your own space, but you also forget about the responsibilities, the chores, the boss, and other things that run in your daily life.

Some of the activities that occur during these retreats are yoga, meditation, massage, facials, among others. Survivors leave these retreats rejuvenated and with a positive way of thinking. Most of all, they become part of a bigger community of survivors.