You surely have a health enthusiast in your life – everyone has. But when their birthday or gift-giving season is approaching, you find it a daunting task to pick the perfect thoughtful gifts for them.

The wellness industry is taking the ground with thousands of self-care products on the market. Without any doubt, you have a choice of dips, but you need to pay special attention to their preferences and needs. You shouldn’t have problems if your giftee is someone you spend a lot of time with or a family member. But even so, make sure you give them the right present by making hints and asking indirect questions about the last gadget or product launched on the market.

Gifts, especially the holiday ones, generally promote indulgence, so it can be challenging to look for presents for that fitness or health nut in your life. But the good news is that there are hundreds of options you can choose from that would perfectly fit their lifestyle. And even if you’re not an expert in this field (it’s ok, we understand), it’s never too late to learn.

Start with our list of thoughtful gifts for each wellness lover; we guarantee that you’ll have a clearer idea of what to give your loved one.

woman performing yoga

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is an excellent choice for those preferring home exercises. Since the pandemic outbreak, many yogis out there have started to do their workouts from the comfort of their homes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether your giftee is a beginner or expert yogi, there’s no chance to go wrong with a yoga mat. When looking for such thoughtful gifts, some important aspects to consider are material and resistance. Try to focus your attention on a natural rubber yoga mat because it’s more supportive and comfortable during exercise – elbows and knees are less likely to sink through the floor. It would also be helpful to look for a yoga mat that can fold down easily to fit into any baggage.

Sports watch

If your friend or loved one is a fitness enthusiast, you can draw the long straw with a sports watch or fitness tracker. Such devices proved extremely useful in helping gym lovers worldwide reach their health goals. Measuring calories burned, nutrients intake, miles run, and heart rate is just one of the most significant benefits of a sports watch. Fitness junkies use calorie counting apps during their workouts to track the calories burned, but it often happens for them to forget to turn on these apps. So, if you want to make their training go smoother, give them a smart fitness watch because it helps them constantly keep track of their calories.

You can buy sports watches either from land-based or online stores, but make sure you purchase from a safe source that sells authentic watches in each case. These devices can be a bit on the costly side, so there’s no room for uncertainties when it comes to buying a smart fitness watch.

Running shoes

This is, without any doubt, a classic gift, but could classics ever disappoint someone? They’re one of the most loved products among health and fitness enthusiasts. You may think it’s trivial to give your loved one a pair of running shoes (they can turn to the shop to buy one themselves), but trust us, they would be thrilled to discover a new pair of running shoes in that gift box. You can make things more intriguing by wrapping your present with tape and finishing it off with a ribbon (satin, tulle, wired, etc.).

However, don’t jump to the conclusion that it is easy to choose a pair of running shoes. You have to be well informed about your recipient’s preferences and, most importantly, their shoe size. Although you’ve bought them the coolest running shoes, it’s all in vain if they don’t fit them. We recommend asking your friend (more or less directly) about their tastes and shoe size. If you’re discreet enough, they won’t suspect anything. Consider having a casual conversation about the last running shoes from one of the brands they like and show interest in them. This way, you’ll find out if they wish them, too.


From sports watches and running shoes to aromatherapy? We know what you may think; what does aromatherapy have to do with wellness? Well, they’re more closely related than you think. Everything giving you a feeling of well-being, including fitness, good nutrition, and aromatherapy, are part of what we commonly call “wellness.” So, suppose your recipient loves to pamper and indulge themselves in self-care. In that case, you may want to consider giving them presents such as essential oils, scented candles, aromatic bath bombs, or an essential oil diffuser. The most popular choices when it comes to aromatic essential oils include eucalyptus, lavender, sweet orange, and lemongrass. With such presents, you help your giftee relax and unwind, and this is a priority given all the hustle and bustle of life.


This is one of the safest choices for literally everyone. Who would ever refuse a blender? It helps them enjoy smoothies with ease and prepare delicious recipes in a trice. If your friend is a health and fitness lover, you can surprise them with such thoughtful gifts that will help them reap the benefits of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds (which are essential for a healthy diet).

CBD products

CBD (cannabinoid) is one of the compounds of the hemp plant. But the difference between it and other compounds like THC lies in the fact that CBD has no psychoactive effects, that is, it won’t get you high. That’s one of the reasons many people around the world, including athletes and fitness lovers, use it for its multiple health benefits. This is not surprising since it has properties like chronic pain alleviator, ibuprofen alternative, and muscle recovery booster. So, next time when you’re looking for gifts for the gym lover in your life, you may consider CBD products like edibles, gummies, and tinctures.