There are two major ways of training the body for fitness. There is body-weight training and weight training. In the first method of training, you do not rely on any exercise tools or machines to execute your routines. When it comes to weight training, weight tools like dumbbells and barbells are used. Body-weight training is seen as a more natural method of getting fit. The most important question therefore becomes; is it better to use your body or should you go for weights? Simply put, there is no better method. Both ways of training are best combined to give you maximize fitness and health results. This article shows you how to combine them effectively.

Which are the best body-weight exercise routines?

Body exercises that do not require you to employ any tool are endless. You must know your options before thinking about combining. Targeted moves will work on your upper body and lower body. Most common routines involve pushes and pulls. When it comes to upper body pushes, consider pushups, dips, bench press, side press, push press; among others. Lower body pushes include back squats, jumping, sprints; and many more. Playing a sport like baseball will give you a total body workout. Throwing, squatting and running in the sport will give you strong arms and legs while boosting your cardiovascular health. Hiking and climbing also allow your body to tap into natural resistance for an effective workout. Getting creative and searching for moves will unravel a wide array of other options.

Excellent weight training options

There are all manner of options when it comes to training with weights. Dumbbells or free weight training is one of the most popular way. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to engage in a wide variety of exercises. Because they are highly adjustable, you move from one weight level to another quickly. They are awesome for overall muscular development.

How do you combine body-weight and dumbbell training?

There are certain guiding principles that should be observed when you are looking to combine these approaches. This way, you can get the most out of your work outs. Below are tips for success in this regard.

You must have an end goal in mind

Are you looking to lose weight by combining these two training methods? Is it about building muscle in your upper body? Every person has a reason or a goal for their fitness. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you tailor an effective combined routine.

Alternate the routines

Effective combination means that you alternate the routines. For example, you can do pushups then followed by dumbbells. The following day, you can change to squats while incorporating the free weights. A general mix up will ensure that all your muscle groups get a good work out.

Do not do too much at once

Some people want to fit all the body-weight exercises together with weights in one single workout. Body fatigue and muscle tearing is not conducive to gaining sustainable strength and muscle mass. Therefore, you have to be gradual. Listen to your body and do not go overboard with any routine.

Create an encompassing fitness regimen

As you combine body-weight and weight training, make sure that you are following a holistic fitness plan. For example, your diet must be healthy. With an emphasis on clean eating; this is the sure way to enjoy the gains quickly. Invest in fruits and vegetables. Remove refined sugars and flours from your diet and add high fiber food. Leverage on high quality lean protein. Also, make sure you are hydrating every step of the way. This approach is the recipe for success no matter your goal.

Master routines and do them properly

Body-weight exercises like squats and lunges must be done the right way to avoid problems. This will help protect your joints. To this effect, make sure you are executing these moves the right way. This is pivotal especially when you are starting on a new routine. Also, use weights correctly. Because the exercises are endless, make sure to master them keenly before combining.

Life is dynamic and after you reach your goals, you might want to revisit your program to adjust accordingly. Whatever you do, combining body-weight and weights continues to be one of the most effective ways to acquire and retain superior health and fitness.