Taking supplements can get redundant, which is why you must find different ways to take supplements. Besides using a shaker cup to make your protein powder, there are many different ways to consume your supplements. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can consume your protein powder or any other supplements.

Pick Different Methods

There are many ways you can take your supplements. We can understand that blending protein shakes isn’t always easy, as they can be hard to clean up. We recommend that you read reviews of the top blenders on the market if you want your protein shakes to be appropriately blended.

You can also make items such are protein shush and protein pancakes if you don’t like drinking them. There are many recipes you can find online, which will help you to create your protein pancakes, and they taste phenomenal. The most common way many fitness enthusiasts consume their protein supplements would be by adding protein powder into their oatmeal. The protein powder will give your oatmeal a fantastic flavor, and provide for an excellent healthy snack. You can also make protein bars at home with simple ingredients. The homemade protein bars can provide you with a fantastic snack, packed with nutrients.

Use BCAA to Make Popsicles

Branch chain amino acid or also known as bcaa, can be an excellent option for you, especially when you are looking to stay in an anabolic state. Since bcaa’s taste amazing in most cases, you can make bcaa popsicles which you can enjoy, especially in the summer. These popsicles can come in handy when it is scorching outside, or when you want a healthy snack.

The best way to make these popsicles would be by purchasing popsicle containers and adding your water and bcca mixture into popsicle containers. Let it freeze, and you have yourself a healthy popsicle for the summer if you want you can add creatine as well. We recommend you use micronized creatine, as it will cause much less clumping.

Fruit Smoothies and Slushy

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like fruits. Not only do fruits provide us with micronutrients, but they also taste good. You can make fruit smoothies with your protein powder, make sure the protein powder is unflavored so that it can take the flavor of the fruits. One of the best ways to make fruit smoothies is by picking out all your favorite fruits and vegetables and putting them in a blender.

Once you have managed to put the fruits and vegetables into the blender, make sure to add some liquid so that it can become a smoothie. Add your protein powder, and blend it till there are no clumps. Once you’re done blending the ingredients, your end result should be a great tasting smoothie. If you can manage to make a thicker slushy, then you can even make a fruit bowl. One tip would be to use frozen fruits and vegetables, as they add a different texture.

Pre-Workout Jello Shots

If you are a serious lifter, then you enjoy pre-workouts. Not only do pre-workouts taste good, but they provide you with caffeine and many other workout boosting ingredients. The way you can make jello shots with pre-workout is very simple; the first thing you need to do is mix your pre-workout with water then follow the same method of making jello shots. The only thing that will be different is that you are using pre-workout instead of alcohol, and depending on your goals, you can use sugar-free jello or regular jello. We recommend you stick with sugar-free jello as the sugar content can add up, nonetheless a fantastic way for you to consume your pre-workout.

Make Protein Cookies

You can make tasty protein cookies without any effort. There are many recipes you can find online, so make sure to pick one. For the best results, we recommend using cookies and cream protein or chocolate protein. Similar to protein bars, you can make them in bunches and store them in your fridge. Protein cookies make for a fantastic tasting snack, and a healthy way to consume your supplements.
We understand that it can be challenging to have simple protein shakes for the rest of your life, which is why we have given you some ways you can spice things up. If you use these techniques, then your supplement consumption would be very efficient and enjoyable. Always make sure you read the instructions on the supplement box before you try out these methods; some ingredients might not work together depending on the brand you get.