In March 2020, Canadian couples were advised to postpone their wedding plans, with aspects such as ceremonies and receptions under threat, owing to strict regulations and the inability of attendees from afar to make it to Canada the big event. Almost a year down the track, many couples are still wondering whether or not to set a date in 2021, meaning that many are undergoing an extended engagement period. If you are one of these couples, you can make the most of this extended time to hone your beauty routines, so that you look and feel your best on the day you say ‘I do’. The following tips may be useful if this is a common goal.

Boosting Your Mental Health

There are so many reasons why an extended engagement can be a boon. It enables you to practise your relationships skills, plan your wedding in a more relaxed manner, and reduce financial stress (since you will have more time to save and find the necessary finances). Time can be a vital factor in ensuring you don’t succumb to stress. As found in a study by Zola, around 40% of couples categorize wedding planning as ‘extremely stressful’ and 71% think it is more nerve-wracking than other big tasks such as finding a job. Take the time to fight stress proactively while you are in the thick of planning. Yoga, meditation, and spending time together in nature is one way to lower stress hormone levels, increase your energy, and keep conditions such as depression and anxiety at bay.

Embracing A Healthy Fibre-Rich Diet

The New York Times reports that some brides are still going on crash diets prior to their wedding. Having several months before your wedding can help you embrace a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet that is key to both looking and feeling good. Aim to consume lean proteins, pulses, nuts, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. A high-fibre diet can help keep your mind as well as your body healthy, so ensure you consume your five-a-day, and throw in a few probiotic foods to create a healthy gut microbiome. 

Work On Your Beauty Routine

Both bride and groom can enjoy a series of treatments that will have their skin looking baby-smooth on their big day. Many of the most effective treatments for issues such as wrinkles, loss of firmness, active acne, and active scarring (including radiofrequency treatments, microneedling, Fractora and Fraxel laser, and Ulthera) require several treatments spread out over a matter of weeks. Treatments can also sometimes leave a little initial redness and swelling, so having time to work on skin issues can be useful when you want to achieve significant or even dramatic results. Other treatments which focus on the body (for instance, CoolSculpting, which ‘freezes’ fat cells) take a few weeks to work. In the case of CoolSculpting, for instance, the cells take several weeks to eliminate, but when the process is finished, the reduction in volume can be considerable.

Planning a wedding is as fun and exciting as it is stressful. If you have had to postpone your big day, take advantage of the extra time to plan your celebration and to work on aspects such as diet, skin and beauty. Most treatments, therapies, and fitness routines that provide real results take weeks or months, so embrace one or two that will make you feel your wedding was worth the wait.