If you are a makeup artist who has just started his career as a freelancer and are planning to become a reputed wedding makeup artist, then you must scroll down to learn tips for bridal makeup. These points if taken seriously while applying makeup to a bride will definitely help a great deal. No matter how much you get the exposure, you can never excel in any profession without dedication. This means you must adhere to all these points and try applying it in your job as well.

Always go for a makeup trial

You might think it as waste of time, but to become a recognized professional bridal makeup expert, you need to ensure that you take your job seriously. You need first to ask your client to show you a picture of the venue and then give it a try a week before the wedding. This will provide you with the wedding makeup ideas concerning the lighting and effect.

Apply Long Lasting Products

Many times this problem is faced by makeup artists in their initial days as an artist when they apply makeup to the bride that when the bride leaves the salon, she looks impeccable. However, by the time she reaches the venue, or as the time passes during the wedding procession, her makeup starts getting dull. This will never happen if you apply long-lasting products of good cosmetic brands. This ensures that even during tears and hugs it doesn’t get dull thereby keeping the bride stay camera ready.

Take time for the makeup to set

Don’t be in a rush and even ask the bride to give you ample time, so that the makeup sets up properly. Wedding makeup looks take time, and if you do it fast, without giving time for each layer of makeup to settle, then it might not last long. It is essential that you use a moisturizer beforehand and let it get absorbed to the skin so that it keeps the face dry and not greasy. You should be using an oil-free moisturizer that prevents the face of the bride looking shiny in the photographs.

Go for natural Wedding Makeup

Keep it simple and elegant as this is the trend. In the 90’s, bridal makeup used to be gaudy and heavy, but these days, it needs to be subtle and appealing. You want the bride to look ravishing and not like a porcelain doll. This means you must apply natural wedding makeup and must not put stress on making the bride’s complexion appear white as a vampire. It is essential to let the features of the bride come out strikingly beautiful, and the makeup remain smooth on the face. The natural way of applying makeup ensures that the face of the bride doesn’t look patchy after two to three hours.

Use Primer as well as smudge proof powder

Many think that the work of a primer is similar to that of a smudge proof powder, but they are wrong. You must ensure that you choose a silicone-free primer so that it doesn’t slide off their face. You must ensure that you apply it evenly on the face so that it gives a smooth platform to the foundation and help it long last.

Ensure you make the bride’s face glows

The wedding photos will never turn out right if you don’t apply a natural blush. That is why you need to concentrate on applying the right blush and highlighter for a perfect glow on the face of the bride. You must remember that in Indian wedding makeup the blush needs to have rosy hues and nothing could be better than a satin blush for the whole day coverage. Remember that from the apple of the cheeks you need to spread it till the cheekbones. Highlighting is equally important to make the face of the bride glow. Apply highlighter till the top of the cheekbones with a light touch and also use contouring. Do not forget to use loose translucent powder, as this will ensure that the face makeup remains intact and set the face makeup perfectly.

Give Importance to Eye Makeup

If you do not gain expertise in wedding eye makeup, then you will never be able to become a popular bridal makeup artist. You must remember that bridal eye makeup is different from that you do on regular days. You need to ensure that it remains intact for long hours and the eyebrows remain polished. The first thing you must do is to apply eyeshadow primer so that eyeshadow stays stronger on the eyelids and doesn’t vanish in a few hours. Furthermore, you must follow liquid formulas to ensure that eyeliner doesn’t smudge. You must also try to curl the eyelashes then and adequately apply double coats of mascara.

Hair Styling must not be ignored

You must never overlook the hair styling in addition to face makeup as it ensures that the beauty of the bride comes out properly. A professional and expert bridal makeup artist gives value to both wedding hair and makeup. You must also do the same and try different hairstyles before the wedding day and finalize the one that suits the best on the bride. You must also remember that wedding makeup style is changing, and so are the hairstyles of the brides. You may stick to the trend and make sure it appears elegant.


The trend of wedding makeup has changed a lot in the past few years, and as a wedding makeup artist, you need to remain acquainted with all these things. One of the best ways of doing so is to opt for a beauty makeup platform where you get the chance to stay in touch with wedding makeup experts. We can advise you to use the help of Fabulive makeup tutorials to learn new things about natural wedding makeup.