A germ-free home isn’t possible.  However, it is possible to keep a clean home and be a little less germy.  Finding ways to keep your home cleaner is always a plus.  After all, as your family grows you will quickly realize that kids are messy.  That’s right, they love a good mess, and with that comes germs.  Finding ways to keep the germs outside is important.  So, let’s go over some tips on how to keep a germ free home as much as possible.  

Wipe down counters

Before you do any kind of meal prep be sure to wipe down the counters.  Sure, you can clean them up after you are done.  However, even sitting they can get dust and germs on them.  If you have pets, their hair can get on the counters as well as cats love to get up on the counters.  Just take a minute to think where those paws have been and you’ll want to clean the counter surfaces before meal prep.  

Clean bathrooms regularly

Bathrooms are humidity and add a bit of heat and you have yourself the perfect petri dish for germs.  When looking for a germ-free home, this is the first place to tackle.  Be sure that you leave the door open to allow the heat and moisture to escape.  Clean the bathroom thoroughly at least once a week.  Try to not leave wet towels in the bathroom as this can promote more mold and bacteria growth.  If you do choose to leave the wet towels in the bathroom be sure to hang them up to dry out.

Floor Cleaning

Carpet is actually a large air filter for your home.  Many people don’t think of it that way, but it is true.  Go to the carpets and smack them with an open hand. See all that dust that poofs up?  That is dirt and dust that is in your carpets.  These get airborne with every step.  Sure you can clean them with your vacuum cleaner, however, if you are looking for a germ-free home, you need to go much further and get them professionally cleaned.   It is recommended by the floor cleaning industry to get your floors professionally cleaned at least once a year.  You don’t want to do it too often or it will wear your carpet out.  However, you want to do it enough to keep them clean.

Your hard floors should be cleaned as well.  A steam cleaner is great for cleaning floors as well as the walls of your bathroom.  This is a chemical-free way to sterilize surfaces.  Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your flooring to ensure that it is safe for your floors to be steam cleaned.

One way to keep your floors clean is by sanitizing the soles of your shoes with Healthy Sole Home.

Wipe highly touched surfaces

Wipe highly touches surfaces often to keep the germs from spreading.  This includes doorknobs, light switches, your phone, and steering wheel.  People are always talking about doorknobs and light switches but there are other places such as your kitchen sink handles and stove control knobs as well as the refrigerator handle.  If your family uses a pitcher of water in the fridge, you want to wipe down that handle often as well.