Proper oral health boosts confidence and overall health. In your pursuit of oral health, partnering with the right periodontist is imperative for outstanding results. Contact Perio and Implant Center for state-of-the-art Sunnyvale PRF and other world-class services.

About Perio and Implant Center

Perio and Implant Center is a high-ranking periodontal practice in California. The practice comprises an experienced team of periodontists who offer the best care for all patients through customized treatment plans. The practice thrives on its vast expertise in such industry areas as tooth extraction, bone grafting, LANAP laser technology, and more.

The experienced team is passionate about assisting patients to achieve all their proper oral health goals professionally. To make your experience less painful, your doctor at Perio and Implant may resort to various sedation forms for sleep dentistry.

 At their welcoming offices, you will find state-of-the-art technology and access to dentistry’s most advanced techniques. Their compassionate staff is multilingual to serve patients better.

Services Offered

You can visit the Perio and Implant Center for a wide range of high-class services such as;

·       PRF Specialist- Platelet-rich Fibrin brings speedy healing where dental surgeries are involved. Jochen Pechak, DDS, MSD of Perio and Implants Center prepares PRP from your blood sample for its richness in growth factors to promote your body’s ability to heal itself.

·       Dental Implants- This treatment is a popular alternative to missing teeth because they provide a natural appearance. If you seek a professional dental implant procedure for your aesthetic goals, visit the practitioners at Perio and Implant Center for a better smile.

·       LANAP Laser Dentistry- Gum disease affects your teeth and your general health too. Dr. Pechak and his board-certified team offer LANAP® laser dentistry. To effectively eradicate diseased gum tissue, contact Perio and Implant Center to learn more about this innovative technology.

·       Sleep Dentistry- It is normal to miss out on the oral health care you need because of fear. However, with sleep dentistry, you can feel at ease during the entire process. Perio and Implant Center’s staff offer expert sedation dentistry to give you a calm experience.

·       Tooth Removal Specialist- To prevent oral health complications, sometimes tooth removal may be necessary. Your compassionate expert at Perio and Implant Center provides secure, minimally invasive extractions to improve your proper oral health.

·       Bone Grafting- Although dental implants are adequate replacements for missing teeth, acquiring them requires healthy and ample jaw bone support. Your periodontist at Perio and Implant Center examines your jawbones before recommendation. He then conducts a bone graft to make you suitable for implantation if you have little bone.

·       Gum Disease Specialist- Do you suffer from puffy gums that bleed when you brush? This may be due to gum disease. To prevent gum disease and the complications that come with it, such as rheumatoid arthritis and stroke, contact Perio and Implant Center for a professional gum evaluation.

·       All-on-4- Compared to conventional dentures, All-on-4® is a more comfortable and reliable alternative. Dr. Jochen has diverse experience in offering dental implants, including All-on-4, to improve your confidence, appearance, and overall oral health hygiene.

For your proper oral health and aesthetic goals, you need a proficient expert for the best results. Schedule an appointment with Perio and Implant Center for a top-notch personalized treatment plan.