Wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly popular in American workplaces, with high rates of interest and participation among employees. Wellness programs have been shown to promote morale, improve employee health, boost productivity and even reduce healthcare costs. In other words, introducing an employee fitness program benefits everyone! Getting started is easy, too.

Start with various employee engagement activities. These don’t have to be a full-blown wellness program but can serve as a good way to measure interest and get staff thinking about workplace fitness.

Where to Begin

Create a Challenge Board–The first step to implementing an employee wellness program is to create a challenge board and to post it where employees can see. Start simple (do 10 jumping jacks) and then have each activity become more challenging each day. Encourage participation from employees and watch as they challenge themselves.

Offer Incentives for Participation– Choose meaningful incentives for employees to encourage participation. Whether it’s gift cards, extra time off, or free pizza, choose something that will motivate employees to get moving. Your company’s insurance provider may also offer incentives for participation.

Post People’s Results if the goal is losing weight, do weekly weigh-ins and post the results. Employees will make the environment competitive, working harder to outdo one another.

Gather Feedback Look at the percentage of employees who participated. Give them a survey to find out their actual thoughts on your wellness program to find out what worked and what did not. Use this information to tailor next year’s wellness initiatives to be the most beneficial and engaging for employees.


Even if you don’t start a proper wellness or fitness program, it never hurts to encourage employees to move, Hosting events like a company softball game or fun run are great ways to build teamwork, encourage exercise and help employees better their own health.