A wide range of factors may be limiting you from being able to unlock your potential. It is, therefore, imperative to seek expert therapy. A session with a Midtown psychologist of Thriving Mind Psychology might be the missing ingredient towards identifying the ideal version of yourself.

About Thriving Mind Psychology

The expert psychologists work collaboratively with clients to assist them in channeling their attention to things that are of importance to them. At Thriving Mind Psychology, mental health is considered paramount just as your physical health. If you are motivated to grow to a better version of yourself, the team offers skilled therapy, necessary for the betterment of your psychological health.

They offer comprehensive treatments exclusively to clients at their own pace. Although weekly sessions are recommended, it is crucial to remember that any therapy is better than no therapy. With Thriving Mind Psychology, nothing can stop you from being able to unlock your potential because they offer online video therapy sessions too.

Available Services

There is a wide range of services offered at Thriving Mind Psychology such as;

·         Anxiety Specialist-Anxiety-based disorders are common among American adults. Symptoms of anxiety include fatigue, restlessness, poor concentration, and insomnia, among others. Your service provider examines you to determine the root cause of your anxiety. He then offers a personalized treatment plan ideal for your condition to unlock your potential.

·         Group Therapy Specialist-group sessions are an affordable treatment plan ideal for individuals with low self-esteem, anxiety, and other mental disorders. These sessions are also appropriate for relationship issues and stress management

·         Fear of Flying Specialist-If you are experiencing fear of heights or flying; it may be due to a condition known as “specific disorder.” Compassionate physicians provide evidence-based treatment to address flying phobia.

·         Depression Specialist-Do you suffer from excessive sadness? This may be depression-related. You need a session with psychologists at Thriving Mind Psychology. Treatment for depression includes cognitive behavioral therapy, online video teletherapy, neurofeedback, and group therapy.

·         Couples Therapy Specialist-relationship issues are common and caused by factors such as work, financial struggles, children, miscommunication, and so on. You can restore your relationship by attending a professional couples therapy session at Thriving Mind Psychology.

·         LGBTQ+ Specialist-the stigma associated with LGBTQ may be quite overwhelming. You can receive compassionate treatment from qualified physicians to help you accept living with your condition more comfortably.

·         Life Coach Specialist-are you finding trouble moving on to the next phase of your life? The skilled practitioners understand that fear of the unknown is part of human existence. They offer customized treatment sessions to assist you in the transition process.

·         ADHD Specialist-Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is common among American adults today. Your mental health specialist offers customized treatment plans to remedy your ADHD disorder and unlock your potential. Symptoms of this condition include lack of concentration, talking nonstop, forgetfulness, and many more.

·         Neurofeedback Training Specialist-struggling with depression, focus problems, and stress management can be detrimental to your service delivery. Neurofeedback therapy trains you to control the responsiveness of your brain to situations. The expert team is experienced with neurofeedback training to address ADHD and similar disorders.

Realizing your full potential is key to living your best life. You can achieve this today with ease by seeking expert therapy sessions. Call or book an appointment today with Thriving Mind Psychology in midtown to live your best life.