Although the budget of $500 is quite low for purchasing an elliptical but this doesn’t means that you are not eligible for buying one. You can surely purchase one with even a low budget like this without compromising on the quality of it. 

All you need to do is conduct a proper research in order to get a highly cost efficient and high quality elliptical trainer. However, there are a lot of tricky and exhaustive things in this and the budget that you have decided is just not enough for such a research.

Therefore, in order to make this a lot easier for you, we have conducted a one-time research that will help you and the people like you who are looking for an elliptical under 500 dollars. This research has everything that you need including the pros and cons of each of the machines and the benefits that all; of them possess. 

With that said, let us begin but before that let us have a look at the things that you need to focus on when you go for purchasing an elliptical. 

The best guide to buy best elliptical under $500

There are a large number of elliptical which are available at a stunning price of $500. Here are the things that you can look for while you get out and purchase an elliptical of this range. At this point is the whole thing that you necessitate to know on the subject of these elliptical. 

The performance of elliptical 

There are some basic features that decide the performance of an elliptical such as the stride length and the resistance of it. Here is the performance related expectations that you can make while considering your budget. 

Length of the stride: There is a need of a natural stride if you are looking for a risk free workout from elliptical which is highly comfortable as well. The length of the natural strides for the majority of the adults ranges between 18 and 22 inches which is quite a standard length for the elliptical of length 20. However, in your budget you will get a shorter length of the stride. You might get the length as short as 13 inches and you must avoid such lengths since they can harm you in adverse ways and are not suggested at all. You will need to suffer from the joint pain and back pain if you even think of compromising over the stride length. This will be a kind of negative use of this since you are purchasing it for good healthy but in return you are getting pain and sufferings.

Type of resistance 

The flywheel spins of such a machine and the resistance of the pedal; both are taken into control with the help of the magnetic force or with ten help of the contact braking. The magnetic force is used widely and is also known as a standard mean to be used in these machines. On the other hand, the contact braking is not so good and suffers with lack in maintenance as well. 

Strength of the resistance 

The only difference that sets apart the cheap and the costly machines are the amount as well as the strength of the resistance that they provide. The cheapest machines hence provide the lightest of the resistance and the rides that you will be getting in that will not be smooth at all. These increases further when the user who is using the machine has more weight. This also means that the workout that you will be doing will not be able to provide you any value and will not be even challenging at all. The elliptical that you might find best elliptical under $500 will not be capable of providing you with the challenging workout and their resistance will be low as well. Hence, you will not be able to do a better exercise with them.

The levels of resistance 

You also need to pay attention to the number of sittings that are available and hence you must ensure that you get a large number of the levels of resistance in the machine that you are going to buy under the best elliptical under 500. This will ensure that the intensity of the workout that you require can be achieved by you with the help of the machine that you are going to buy. Therefore, as per the budget that you have decided please do ensure that you are getting at least a minimum of 16 levels of the resistance. And if not, then please do consider any other machine or increase the budget for the same. 

The durability of the machine 

These kinds of machines are highly complex and hence one need to make sure that they are durable otherwise even if a single part gets broke then you need to incur heavy charges for it and the repair might be not even possible if the machine is not durable at all. Therefore, make sure that you miss out some properties as per the budget that you have decided but do not compromise on the durability of the machine at all. 

The warranty of the machine 

The machine has its own fitness capability and that is what the warranty of the machine decides. You might consider the warranty as the deciding factor of the life cycle of the machine. Make sure that you have got the parts of the machines covered with the warranty because the damage is likely to happen to them only and not to the machine as a whole. Therefore, make sure that the machine covers it all. However, with a budget of $500, you might expect a warranty period of around  6 months only since the price is low and in such a budget they can only give you a coverage of around 6 months. 


That’s all we have for today. Make sure you purchase the right one by following the tips mentioned above for the best elliptical under $500.