Water is a necessity for life. Everyone needs to consume a moderate amount of water on a regular basis in order to stay properly hydrated. In order to do this, one requires easy access to fresh drinking water and that’s where water dispensers come in. They’ve gained popularity both in the home and in the work place. When selecting a water dispenser one should consider some of the factors listed below:


People have different personalities. This all boils down to selecting where they can access their drinking water. Water dispensers’ enable people to access water with their own beverage container as hygiene is paramount for health. A water dispenser is a convenient option, especially when one wants to avoid tap water.


When selecting a water dispenser you should consider the various price ranges. The main pricing factor depends on the brand as well as the features it has. The more features the dispenser has, the greater the cost. One should choose a dispenser that fits their budget while ensuring it has the features that they consider important to their taste.

Size of the equipment

Water dispensers come in different shapes and sizes. One should consider the space the dispensers will occupy and the amount of space they have available. In a situation where one doesn’t have much space in their office or home, they can opt for a table top water purifier dispenser. In instances where you are purchasing a dispenser for a large organisation with many workers you can go for the largest water dispenser available to save both time and money by providing water for a larger group.


Depending on the season of the year you ought to consider a water dispenser that will fulfill your needs year round. Having a hot and cold water purifier dispenser provides an individual with this convenience. In the case of the winter season, with the press of one button an individual can have their hot water and make instant coffee, tea or soup. In the hot summer one can get their cold water to quench their thirst.


Depending on the brand of water dispenser, an individual can find one with one or two faucets. There are some options with an extra faucet to dispense hot water. These have switches that control the supply of hot and cold water separately. By looking at this feature one can save on the overall electricity cost reducing the operating cost and should be considered when making the decision to purchase a more expensive machine.

Water storage

There are those who can sense the taste of water being different. To cater to such a person you should choose a stainless steel option over a plastic water dispenser. This is because the plastic water dispenser storage container tends to have a funny plastic like taste. This may be off-putting to those who can easily detect the flavor of the water

Dispenser’s nozzle size

The size of the nozzle is an important consideration, especially when one might use a reusable bottle to fill up with water. One should select a water dispenser with a small nozzle size to make filling their bottle convenient and produce less waste due to spillage. This will allow one to fill up their bottles with ease as they only need to insert the nozzle at the top of the bottle.


Water is life. To save time at work an individual can have a hot and cold water purifier dispenser. This is efficient in terms of acquiring filtered and purified water compared to hard tap water. The above tips help get the best water dispenser available to ensure the well-being of people around them. You can get expert advice by visiting the following link https://www.cuckoo.com.my/products/water-purifiers/iris-top/  to make a smart selection.