Fitness is big these days. Many people want to have a healthier lifestyle because they want healthier bodies. A healthy body means more energy, more flexibility, and more drive to fulfill goals. Although there’s a sure and certain market for fitness, there’s also a lot of tough competition.

Aside from struggling out of anonymity and getting your brand within public awareness, you have to be the kind of fitness business that stands out. Thus, fitness marketing is more than just giving people the products and services they need. It also means gaining their trust so they’ll choose you over other fitness services out there.

To build a customer base, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy. The following are just some tips to enhance your fitness marketing efforts: 

1. Make Your Initial Offer Ultra-special and Compelling

The fitness industry is inundated and crowded. In the US, the industry has seen steady growth – at a rate of 3 to 4 percent annually. It’s crucial for you to make your services unique and to give initial offerings that are compelling enough to convince clients to sign up with you.

You should think more than just offering free items. You have to be even more generous. For example, you can give a free personal training session or even a week of free aerobics classes. In this technologically driven world, you can also get younger potential clients to sign up by giving them a free first month of subscription by signing up on your health and wellness app.

Whatever it is you decide upon the freebie, it should be convincing and compelling. It should give people a taste of what to expect in your fitness program if they were to sign up for the full package.

Once people have experienced what you can do for them in a free offering, they’ll want to commit and invest fully in your fitness program. People are clueless about what you can do for them until you show them.

2. Use The Power of Video

Video is one of the most powerful ways to share information over the internet. If you want your business to go viral, be a video hero. Use video social media platforms, such as YouTube, to get subscribers to watch the videos you shared. 

Even if you can’t reach your audience and potential clients in real-time, they’ll enjoy absolute freedom to view your videos anytime and anywhere. The videos you share must be of high quality and well-edited. You can use live platforms for workouts and live testimonials. If you’re a fitness trainer trying to get some clients, you can even share tidbits of your personal life to add some authenticity and build trust with potential clients.

If you run a blog, embed your videos into your blog so they can be shared with a wider audience. Make your videos fun as well as informative. Most importantly, be sure to have a CTA (call to action) by the end of your video.

3. Team Up With Local Business

Ask yourself who your target audiences are and what other services they’re using. Chances are, you’ll come up with a pretty lengthy list. People who get into fitness also get the services of other businesses, such as hairdressers, chiropractors, life coaches, juice bars, etc.

What you can do is to build connections with these local businesses and tell them that you would like to send clients their way because they offer good services. In return, these businesses will send you clients and you’ll notice the influx of customers coming from referrals.

4. Success Stories and Compelling Reviews

If people are trying a fitness program for the first time, they’ll want to see how it worked for others before jumping in and committing. Offer real-life testimonials and reviews of your products and services that’ll make people convert. There’s nothing more compelling than a success story.

Fitness programs require massive investment. People want to make sure that what you offer will work for them. If your service is all about weight loss, for example, get previous clients who have lost weight to review your services and possibly set them up for an interview, which you can post on your blog or website. 

People need to be informed. The more success stories you have, the more you become convincing to a lot of people.

Final Thoughts:

As a business involved in fitness, your goal is to improve people’s lives. A fitness service can be a considerable investment, so you need to be wholly authentic and trustworthy with methods that give results. 

Show off the potential of your fitness services by providing free offerings and showcasing what you can do through video and live feed. Most of all, get your successful clients to provide you with testimonials so you can establish trust with your audience. 

Fitness is booming these days, so you’ll have no trouble being successful; provided you’re using the correct marketing strategies.