Exercise is a vital physical activity for better health and fitness. However, there are times when you feel like you’re not in the mood for a workout or that your performance is failing. If you want to obtain the best results, you have to motivate yourself and find ways to further enhance your next workout. 

So, how can you enhance your next workout to attain better results? Check out these helpful tips below:

Develop a Warm-Up Routine

Develop a warm-up routine to enhance your workout. Doing so helps prepare the body for any aerobic activity. 

A warm-up routine increases muscle blood flow and body temperature, gradually revving your cardiovascular system. Also, it enhances your next workout by reducing the soreness of the muscles and lessening your risk of injury.

Here are some good-to-know facts about warm-up exercises:

  • Types of Exercises and Effects: A warm-up session should consist of a good combination of cardiovascular workout (increases heart rate and temperature), stretching (prepare the muscles for intense muscle movements), and strength exercises (jumps or sprint drills to prepare the body from intense and sudden movements) to effectively prevent injury.
  • Duration: Give your body enough time to get ready for your next workout by warming up a least for five minutes, and ideally for as long as 10 minutes.
  • Injuries Prevented: Because warm-up keeps the muscles warm, it functions properly and prevents acute injuries, like hamstring strains and other injuries caused by overusing the muscles.

Reduce Weight and Exercise in Moderation

Another way to enhance your next workout is by reducing weight by paying close attention to your diet and considering taking one of the best shredding supplements. While your workout’s goal is not directly linked to reducing weight, it can be to build muscles or core strengthening to prepare for a game or sports tournaments, maintaining your ideal body weight will help you achieve your workout goals. 

In a recent study, less exercise could be beneficial for those who aim to lose weight. Individuals who exercise about 30 minutes a day tend to lose more weight than those who exercise for an hour every day. 

The possible reasons stem from the psychological effects of exercise. People who exercise frequently or quite a lot feel justified about excess eating or drinking after an intense workout or consuming all their power at the gym, which is called “ego depletion.”

Wear the Right Exercise Footwear

It’s crucial to protect your feet when your exercise. Even how prepared your mind and body are, hurting feet or ankle can significantly affect your performance. Aerobic exercises like running and rapid shifting, can be hard on your knees, so you have to protect your lower extremities by wearing appropriate workout footwear. 

Here are the qualities you need to look for when buying a new pair of workout shoes:

  • Enough Cushioning: Just because the new sneakers are on sale that you’ll jam your toes in a pair of small-sized shoes. It’s essential to choose one with enough cushioning to protect your heel and forefoot for any physical activity. 
  • Quality: Good quality usually comes with the price. But, even though you’ll pay more, you’ll save a lot of time and reduce your risk of fractures, arthritis, or damage to your joints and ligaments.
  • Superior Support and Comfort: While shoes with motion control features are heavy and rigid, they provide more cushion and support, and highly recommended for those who have flat feet or are heavy runners. But, of course, make sure to try wearing shoes that doesn’t compromise your comfort.

Find a Source of Motivation and Inspiration 

With weeks or probably months of workout or training, you probably feel less motivated to improve your exercise routine, most especially if you’re not yet noticing your desired results. Lack of motivation could impede your performance and further attaining the best results close to impossible. That’s why you have to find a source of new inspiration and motivation to increase your drive and passion for improving your performance. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and inspired to workout: 

  • Join Group Exercises: Find an exercise buddy or join group exercises to make your next workout more fun and exciting.
  • Adopt a Pet: If you prefer to be alone, why not adopt a pet as your exercise companion? Adopting a dog can be beneficial, not only health and fitness-wise but also psychologically.
  • Teach Other People: Sharing your best workout practices to other people is another way to motivate you because you know that other people are relying on you to achieve their fitness goals. Start with the members of your family or closest friends. 
  • Incorporate Music: For many people, music alone is a source of motivation. So, why not try playing your favorite music before you workout to set your perfect mood for physical activity? 

Change Your Routine

Man naturally loves changes, so changing your exercise routine by incorporating new gym equipment or exercise tools can help enhance your performance for your next workout. 

Talk to your trainer about the possibility of mixing your current workout routine to other types of exercises, like yoga or Pilates.


There are many ways you can enhance your performance for your next workout. Start with developing a warm-up exercise routine to help prepare your muscles for an intense workout. You should also wear the appropriate exercise footwear to prevent injuries to your knees and feet. 

Change exercise routine as needed, exercise in moderation, and reduce weight to attain your workout goals easier. Finally, find a great source of motivation and inspiration to fuel your inner drive to improve your workout performance.