If you like to see the world through clean shiny glass, you need to clean your windows now and then. Yet the task is proverbially painstaking, so after cleaning just one window you are ready to quit and put up with the layers of dust generously applied to glass by winds and cars. Yet fear not, there is a secret that can make this chore more palatable. Here it is: the right tools and products accelerate the working process and make it relatively easy (compared to operating with an old rag and water alone).

No-no, we do not mean to insult anyone or derange the venerable tools that served well to thousands of maids and housewives. They managed to create the perfect shine even with the simplest of instruments. Yet the progress has brought us a lot of useful stuff, and today both professionals and people who want to take care of their windows can benefit from it greatly.  

So here’s a top chart of tools that professional cleaners from https://mastermaid.ca use daily and can recommend with confidence. A professional cleaner or not, you’ll find window-washing far less intimidating with them.

All tools can be divided roughly into categories:

– Soft tissue washing cloth,

– Squeegee and its spinoffs,

– Robotic washers,

– Vacuum cleaners for windows,

– Brushes.

Rags and cloths

Nothing can replace a good cloth that cleans a wide area of dirty glass in one take. Sponges are fine for other surfaces, but soft fabric can absorb water and leave the glass clean like nothing else. Recommendations:

  1. Sets of microfiber towels or tissues from a supermarket.
  2. Recycle your old cotton t-shirts into rags. Just make sure they are real cotton. Super-cool washing tool and sustainable approach in one bottle. Excellent.

 Squeegee and its spinoffs

Window cleaning is impossible without Squeegee, but why use this tool alone if you can have its enhanced variant? Recommendations:

3.      Two-in-one Squeegee and soft scrubber to clean and remove the water residues (look at Unger model, Ettore Auto Squeegee, or Unger Window Starter Kit).

4.      Modern Domus offers a Squeegee on a long handle that can be covered by a soft brush pocket for the final finish. The good news is the telescopic pole is included in the set. 

  1. No-nonsense Squeegee made of stainless steel by OXO. You can use it for windows, floors, showers, and other glass or ceramic surfaces. 

Robotic washers

If you live in a skyscraper high above the ground, the chances are you won’t risk sticking out and cleaning widows outside your apartment. If no professional window washing is available, a robotic washer is a solution. Recommendations:

6.      KOKITEA window cleaner is a double-sided robotic appliance that can do the job. Its magnetic grip can be regulated, and if it tries to skip its washing task and fall, a security string will keep it in place.

  1. Tyroler the Glider D-3 magnetic cleaner is perfect for tackling even the hardest of stains. It features squeegees, generous cuts of cloths, and especially strong magnets.
  2. A cool hi-tech contraption, Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner. It is a powerful robotic cleaner you can control from your smartphone. Alexa, it’s time to wash the windows!

Vacuum cleaners

Why vacuum the windows? Because you can easily remove extra water and avoid streaks if you use the vacuum cleaner right after washing glass with water and detergent. 

9.      Think Karcher if you think of vacuum cleaners for windows. Pick the model you like, and be sure it will work tirelessly and (almost) eternally. 


The window does not end with the glass. All spaces inside frames, gliding rails, and corners can get pretty dirty and inaccessible to traditional tools. That’s where a good brush with a curvy handle can be handy.

 10.  LEOBRO Groove Gap tools for cleaning will do the trick. And they are multicolored and funny!

We hope you’ll find a couple of tools to your liking in this list and will never hate window cleaning again. Let the bright sunshine fill your room!