With most of the world now under some kind of lockdown, most people have plenty of time on their hands. Some might turn to DIY, others might decide to learn a new language or take up meditation. But at some point, the boredom will set in and we will need to entertain ourselves. So here are just a few ways, we can keep ourselves entertained during Covid-19 quarantine.


Okay, exercise might not sound like some people’s idea of entertainment but an aerobic workout can be lots of fun. You can search for routines on YouTube that you can play on your Smart TV and follow with a partner. Or if you have any old exercise DVDs packed away, you could dig them out. You can even go a step further and dress in full 1980s-style Lycra and leg warmers!


Another option that also keeps you fit during the Covid-19 pandemic is dancing. If you have room, you can turn your living space into a dance studio and learn some new moves by searching for lessons online. Or just crank up some music and go for it. This is also a great way to keep kids entertained and also to tire them (and you) out.

Video gaming

Video games are one of the obvious entertainment choices for lockdown. With epic adventures such as Red Dead Redemption, you can transport yourself to another world for hours on end and forget that you are confined to your home. Or you can pull out that dance mat that has been gathering dust in the draw for years and combine video gaming with our previous suggestion.

Box set binging

Remember that TV show you always meant to watch? Well, now is your chance. Catch up on a classics such as The Sopranos, The Wire or Breaking Bad or binge on a new show such as the Star Wars spin-off, The Mandalorian, via your favourite streaming service. Never feel left out of the conversation again when all your friends are talking about a show you have never seen after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

Online casino and slot games

If you are a casino gamer, you are spoilt for choice for online gaming options. Sites such as slotsofvegas.com offer all the classic table games and a huge number of video slots in every theme imaginable. You can also play video poker and other games. Most online casinos offer a sign-up bonus and of course, there are bumper jackpots to be won on many games. Some online casinos offer a sign-up bonus.

Listen to or play music

Quarantine if a great time to learn an instrument or start again if you haven’t played in a while. You can jam along with your family members and if they cannot play they can improvise by bashing some pots and pans – as long as your neighbours don’t mind! If playing a musical instrument is a step too far, you could always play karaoke or just relax and catch up on some albums that you have been meaning to listen to for a while.

Board games

Board games have made a comeback in recent years (never more important than during Covid-19) and many people had begun rediscovering the joys of playing board games at home with the family before they were restricted from going out. If you haven’t checked out the range of board games available recently, you may be surprised – there are hundreds of title to choose from covering all kinds of subjects from general knowledge to sci-fi and fantasy.

Read a book

If you have forgotten how incredible it can be to lose yourself in a book, now is the perfect time for a reminder. Whether you are curled up on the sofa or sat in the garden, there is something comforting about getting lost in a story for a couple of hours. Indulge in some classics or work your way through the nytimes.com bestseller list to get yourself through the lockdown.

Watching movies

We have already talked about TV series but what about movies? We all have films that we have been meaning to watch but never get around to. Use the time in lockdown to watch new films or rediscover old classics. You can set up a film club group on an app such as WhatsApp to arrange for friends to watch the same movie and then discuss it afterwards.

Cooking competitions

Cooking is another activity that might not sound like entertainment but hit TV shows like The Great British Bake Off prove otherwise. So why not have a baking competition? Not only is it great fun but you and your family get to eat your creations at the end! Maybe while binging on the latest series on Netflix.

A couple of weeks of Covid-19 quarantine can seem like a long time when you just sit around waiting for things to go back to normal. But if you find some fun things to do, the time will pass much quicker. You might even discover a new hobby or rekindle a passion for an old one.