Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. It consists of 2 teams and each team has 5 players. It is a great sport for engaging all the muscles of your body. Here are the top 10 health benefits of playing basketball.

1. Good Physical Health

To live a healthy lifestyle is a great way to prevent disease or other health issues. Playing basketball can keep you healthy and active and you can keep you on track for your healthy lifestyle goals. These movements will help you in getting extra strength and to use that strength in a way to lead a balanced life.

2. Basketball’s Mental Development

Practice for basketball and playing the game has a large role in developing your mental strength. Players learn to support each other on the court and also after the game. They can bear the loss together and can accept the win a positive way.

3. Basketball for Fun

There are some people who play basketball but they don’t enjoy joining a random team. It’s best to play at first with your close friends to get enjoyment and mental satisfaction. Try to enjoy the moments and then when you feel more comfortable you can branch out the join a pickup game at your local gym.

4. Basketball Nourishes and Refreshes the Body

Basketball is a dynamic sport that will develop your muscles to make them strong and active. This game uses a lot of your energy so you have to enjoy a proper diet to meet the needs of your body before playing the game. If you do this in a proper way, it will keep your body healthy and active.

5. Increase Your Immune System

A good immune system is much better than requiring medicines prescribed to treat illness and playing basketball can give you the solution to this problem. Germs like bacteria and viruses can’t harm you if your immune system is not in order. Playing basketball can help keep your immune system charged but you should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for the best results. Shame we didn’t have that in our biology homework, but now we know playing basketball can help keep your immune system charged so you should be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for the best results.

6. Build Balance and Coordination For The Body

To play basketball, you should have good coordination of your eyes, feet, and hands. At first you have to make greater effort while playing basketball because your body has to adapt until the balance of the body comes. Playing basketball is a great activity for developing balance of the body.

7. Train Body Muscles

Breast reduction plastic surgeon in Gilbert – Jude LaBarbera of says “playing basketball is good for your body and motor skills too.” All the parts of your body move continuously while playing basketball. At some times you will be dribbling while at others you will be shooting or passing the ball and you are nearly always running.

8. The Body Becomes Longer

Everyone wants to get the ideal body. In the same way everyone wants to have an ideal height to crack those vertical jumps whether they are a boy or girl. Playing basketball stretches our legs and spinal muscles that is useful to make your body longer and leaner.

9. Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight then basketball is a great option because it will burn calories and fat to help develop lean muscle mass. Playing basketball for one hour can burn 700 calories.

10. Avoiding Obesity and Osteoporosis

You don’t need to worry about obesity and osteoporosis if you are a regular player of basketball. Every day playing basketball will make your body stronger and more active.

Our body needs food but proper exercise is essential to get better results from it. We should do proper exercise and one of the best ways to do it is to play basketball.