Some people mistakenly think that MMA is one of the most violent sports in the world. But have they ever practiced mixed martial arts? It is not only for those who want to demonstrate their strength and participate in competitions. This sport welcomes everyone who is eager to learn how to control their body and thoughts. MMA primarily promotes self-defense and a healthy lifestyle.

Crazy 88 MMA instructors decided to clear up all the misconceptions and show you what it is all about:

It Relieves Stress

You might have thought that MMA is all about fighting in the cage can not be possible to calm you down. The training is different than most other fitness programs. First of all, it is going to be an intense workout. Most likely you will feel exhausted after your first session, but it will also lift your mood! During MMA training, your body will release chemicals called endorphins, which are natural stress and pain fighters. Practicing mixed martial arts requires you to be present in your thought and training. You will have no time to think about your everyday problems as you will be focused on the work at hand.

It Teaches You to Think

Practicing mixed martial arts isn’t about being the tallest or the strongest. If you want to win, you need to know how to adapt your strategy according to your opponent and predict their future steps. During MMA training you will learn how to concentrate and remain calm.

It Is An Excellent Physical Workout

During your class, you will practice boxing, wrestling or ground-fighting. It can help bulk up or lose weight and get you in the best shape of your life. Mixed martial arts workouts are designed to incorporate every muscle in the body. This kind of training is suitable for both women and men.

There are even more reasons why you should train using mixed martial arts. Check out the infographic below:

top reasons to MMA train infographic