Luckily crash diets and back-breaking hours of workouts are being left behind and making way for healthy, long-term transformations of the body and mind. In this article, I have collected a few of the top 3 tips to feeling and looking like your best self. 

Tip #1: Body Positivity 

Not just a fun buzzword, research shows that people who accept and love their body, are able to reduce the major offenders preventing weight loss and health, sleep and stress. There are so many different ways to access body positivity. Here are just a few of my favourites:

  • Meditation – whether you are just breathing or listening to a guided meditation, quiet time calms the body and reduces cortisol levels
  • Words of Affirmation – so many diets and workouts focus on critical self-image which just serves to break a person and not build them.  Choose words of affirmation to inspire you
  • Fitness Goals – choose goals and inspiration that are not based on physical appearance. Instead of weight loss, think of strength, flexibility, and endurance

Tip #2: Get Support to Lighten the Load

If you are alive you probably have baggage. That baggage takes a toll on the way we feel and look. It also affects how we treat ourselves and what we believe we deserve. By finding a support group online or in your community, you can lighten the load and remove the obstacles that are preventing you from coming into your best feeling and looking self. 

Check out groups on social media, blogs, or in the local paper to share your experiences and get inspired by others who have moved past their past. 

Tip #3: Do It Together

One of the most lasting transformations people experiences is via group exercise. Fitness bootcamp is such a fun and exciting way to challenge your body. Here are just some of the many reasons why fitness boot camp is one of the best workouts for your body and mind. 

  1. Constant Change – unlike gym workouts fitness boot camp workouts are different every time. They activate different body parts and challenge your body to move in new ways 
  2. Burn more calories in less time – boot camps are challenging and more intense, so they burn more in less time
  3. Workout everywhere – unlike a workout that requires specific equipment so many exercises in boot camp revolve around your own body as resistance and things in your everyday life 

If you are currently looking to change the way you feel and look, boot camps like 1More Rep actually include nutrition and relaxation techniques so you can transform from the inside and outside. 

Take Away 

To truly change the way you look and feel incorporate all of the above tips to treat each part of your life. Be positive to yourself as you walk on this journey. Methods that remove stress are proven to help guide weight loss and longevity. Reach out to others for support. No one is an island and we need others to show us the way and to help us stay inspired. Last, but not least, get a group together or join a fitness boot camp to really maximize and challenge your potential.