When you get to the golf course, you will in most cases need to choose between renting a cart and walking while playing. For many golfers, renting a golf cart seems to be the best option as it makes moving on the course fast and efficient. But, walking is by far the best option health wise. And if you are still weighing between the two options here are some benefits of walking that should make the decision easy for you.

#1 You Burn More Calories

Swinging your club and choosing the best grips that come with playing golf will still burn some calories whether you are walking or riding a cart. But, walking will help you burn more, and it will offer you the fundamental exercise that you need to shed some weighty. When playing an 18-hole round, you can accumulate up to 10,000 steps and burn an impressive 2,000 calories. And this is helpful for your weight loss program and overall health.

#2 Good for Your Heart

Choosing to walk when playing golf instead of riding a cart can lower your risk of heart disease, and it is also good for the overall health of your heart. Depending on the terrain of the golf course, your heart rate can increase to an average of between 111 and 119 beats every minute when walking on the golf course and top at around 150 BPM. The increase in heart rate for the few hours that you are playing will help to keep your heart in good shape and keep cardiovascular diseases in check.

#3 Reduces Stress

Golf is one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety after a long day or stressful week. And if you walk as you play it will be even more useful in dealing with stress. Walking improves everything from blood flow to heart rate, and it will also take your mind away from the things that might be worrying you. And if you combine this with the clean and fresh outdoor air you will always end up feeling less stressed at the end of the game.

#4 Boost your Energy and Improve Your Sleep

Walking might be tiring, but it can still boost your energy. Like most other physical activity it will cause the release of adrenalin and also improve your blood flow and metabolism which in turn leaves you feeling energized. The exercise that you do when walking and pushing your golf cart bag can even have a positive effect on your sleep. First, it helps you keep stress and anxiety in check, and hence it becomes easy for you to sleep. Secondly, after walking as you play the 18-holes, you will be tired enough to sleep the second your head lands on the pillow.

#5 Enhances Your Immune System

Walking the golf course can also enhance your immune system. As hard as this might be to believe it is still a fact. The few hours of walk and stop when playing golf will not only decrease stress and lower blood pressure but also increases your white blood cells count which is vital in fighting off infections. And so just by walking as you play golf, you can improve your body’s ability to fend off flu and cold viruses.


The invention of golf carts was a good thing because they make moving on the course quick and easy. But, it also means that golfers are no longer as active as they were back in the days when there was no other option other than walking for all the 18 holes. However, there is nothing that should prevent you from walking when playing golf. And with the benefits above and the many others that come with it, you have more than enough reasons to choose walking instead of renting a cart.