Looking to take on a challenge in 2021? Well, paddle boarding is a great place to start. Daily exercises such as walking, running, and cycling often become monotonous. Therefore, sports such as paddle boarding increased in popularity. With more people buying their own paddleboards in Canada and taking to the water. 

As well as being an incredibly fun outdoor activity, paddleboarding also comes with an array of amazing health benefits. The low impact nature of the sport means it is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, so getting started has never been easier. Here are some of the main reasons why you should take up paddleboarding this year. 

Reduce Stress 

Our lives can often get consumed by the stress of daily life. So, engaging in a hobby that is good for the mind is the perfect way to counteract any pressures you might be feeling. Being out on the water, in the fresh air and enjoying nature are all invigorating feelings. What’s more, you could paddleboard with a group, making the experience a happy and social one. 

Improve cardio and endurance 

Due to the low-impact nature of the sport, you can often paddleboard for hours on end without realising. As paddleboarding is a water sport, you must keep moving to avoid falling in. As a result, your body is constantly working. Because of this, you might be exercising for longer than normal and therefore build your stamina and endurance. 

Not only this, but you can play around with the exercises you do whilst paddleboarding. You could try a HIIT workout or even paddle board yoga. However you choose to do it, it is good for your long-term fitness. 

Burning calories and losing weight 

For many of us, choosing a fun sport that will burn a lot of calories is preferable. It’s this reason that paddle boarding is so popular. Paddleboarding is thought to burn twice the number of calories you would in a leisure walk. So, opting to burn calories whilst doing a fun activity seems like a no brainer. 

A soft activity 

Despite sport being an incredible healer for several injuries, high impact sports can sometimes cause more damage. Therefore, low impact sports are perfect for people recovering from injury or don’t want to put too much pressure on their body. In certain cases, paddleboarding is recommended for rehabilitation as it helps to speed up muscle healing without damaging them further. 

Improved balance 

Paddleboarding works many areas of your body due to constant movement and the need to stay upright. Because of this, your balance improves as your muscles strengthen to support your body.