There is no secret to appearing good and feeling great—you have to look after your body. Repeatedly, this means eating the right meals proportionately. Considering that healthy foods are often expensive to buy, it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet.

Even though most people know that what they eat is not healthy at all, they consume it anyway with the excuse of surviving on a budget. But still, being on a budget does not give you a valid reason to eat unhealthily. You can use the newest discount codes or make a quick search to find for coupons or promo codes that save you some money.

Though you may not be aware, there are several sites that you can visit and shop for healthy foods at a bargain price. Wondering how this is possible?

Well, the following sites offer you coupons that you can redeem for natural food products. The beautiful thing about them is that you can sign up for alerts related to the type of foods that you like. In case there is an offer, you’ll get notified. You can also get a notification through their respective newsletters if you sign up for them.

1. Stonyfield

Stonyfield boasts of many years of experience in supplying organic foods. They are popular with organic yogurt, organic cream, plain milk, and ice cream. Basically, this is the site for all milk-related foods. Stonyfield allows you to register for a customer’s account for free and use it to access their coupons and special deals. The interesting thing is that you can print out the coupons and use them in Stonyfield-approved retail stores.

2. Hopster

Hopster is popularly known for supplying organic and 100% natural foods. Though it’s a new site, it receives a lot of visitors on a daily basis and has so many newsletter subscribers. With Hopster, you can win yourself a coupon for a healthy food just by liking their Facebook ad or answering the survey questions. So, following the company on social media may be the simplest way to know when the deals are available.

3. Common Kindness

This site gives you the chance to change someone’s life as you save. They offer you a unique code that allows you to pay less on an organic food and donate a fraction of the money to a non-profit. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who likes to give to charity, there is no better way to do it than to get something in return (a discount offer). Besides, Common Kindness provides you with arange of grocery items to choose from.

4. Whole Foods

From the name, you get unprocessed and all-natural food products on the site. If you prefer to take gluten-free and purely organic foods, Whole Foods is the site for you. They have amazing coupons that you can print and use to shop whenever convenient. The coupons are updated every month, so you have to check them as often as possible. Each time you visit the site, you’ll find something new. This is the kind of site that you can enjoy coupons for different foods all year round.

5. Organic Deal

If you are strict about your diet and only like shopping for organic foods, this is your ideal site. Organic Deal never runs out of coupons. They have so many offers for all of their foods. Once ordered, the foods are delivered fresh to your doorstep. Thus, quality is always guaranteed. When you sign up for their newsletter, they’ll send your daily and weekly deals straight to your inbox.

Clearly, you can live on a budget and still eat healthily. With the above sites, you can always access as many deals as you want as long as you don’t get tired of looking. Whenever an offer that you like comes around, capitalize on it. In the end, you’’ find yourself saving significantly.