Basketball is a sport that comes with many health benefits and has a huge cult following; in the wake of the death of sporting superstar Kobe Bryant, many people have tied up their laces and got back on the court in memory of the fallen sporting legend. Basketball is popular globally, and while its origins are in the United States, the sport has permeated every reach of society across the entire world. Not only are courts restricted to the avenues of New York, but you can find them in suburban Britain, and sleepy Japan.

Basketball is well and truly here to stay, and will likely in one form or another, be a sport that remains with mankind for as long as we remain.

When one plays the sport enough, one can derive innumerable health benefits from it, and here are seven of those health benefits.

Basketball Can Reduce Anxiety and Symptoms of Mental Health

For those who are unfortunate enough to suffer with the torturous instability of mental health conditions, they will be pleased to find out that it can significantly reduce your symptoms and help to boost confidence and make new friends. If you suffer from anxiety and cannot go outside as often as you would like, you can visit a website that offers in-ground basketball hoops and have one set up in your back garden. In-ground basketball hoops are a fantastic way to get better at the game and boost your confidence, and the more you play, the more confident you will be leaving the safety of your at-home court and go in search of a team to play with, or just play at a local park. Anything that gets you away from the routine anxiety sets in stone is beneficial for you.

Not only does it reduce anxiety, but basketball can reduce symptoms of depression. Living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly is a guaranteed way to reduce the symptoms of depression. Depression is a condition that would have us rather sitting alone in a dark room than going out exercising, but by going out of your way to pursue a course of exercise in spite of your melancholia, you will find that your depression quickly vanishes and is replaced with unrivalled happiness and confidence, unlike that of any you have experienced before. The game is wondrous and should be tried by anyone who suffers quietly with  mental health conditions.

Basketball Can Improve Endurance

Basketball is a very fast-paced and active sport, and playing regular games of it is a guaranteed way to build your endurance, your stamina, and enable you to play faster, harder, and longer than you would be able to before you had taken up the game.

Basketball Is Proven to Help You Lose Weight

If you suffer from obesity, it may not be easy burning weight. However, if you take up regular basketball, you will find that you can burn up to 750 calories an hour, which, for those who suffer from obesity, is a fantastic way to cut down on unwanted weight.

Basketball Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Another great benefit of it is that it drastically improves your hand-to-eye coordination. Many people have terrible hand-eye coordination, and by playing basketball you will improve it hugely. Many studies actually recommend the sport when treating a poor hand-eye coordination.

You Can Keep In Shape All-Year-Round!

Many exercises, such as football or rugby, become redundant in winter months. Basketball, however, can be played all year round, meaning you can stay in shape every season of the year!

Basketball Improves Balance

Basketball is proven to improve balance and hand-eye coordination, which many of us are lacking. There is nothing better than good coordination, and everybody should try it out if they struggle with coordination or find themselves a bit clumsy and bumbling!

Basketball Builds Muscle

When we look at professional basketballers, the fair majority of them are in fantastic shape. The sport builds a huge amount of lower-body muscle, and to play, you must have a lot of upper-body strength too. It can be a very testing game, and can leave you exhausted, so you have to be in the best physical shape that you can possibly be. By playing it you will begin to notice muscles forming in places you did not know you had muscles, and you will find yourself feeling much more sprightful and energetic, and overall in a much better condition physically. It is fantastic and can seriously change your life.

Whenever you are going out and playing basketball, be sure to have a positive attitude and be a good sportsman. Many people who play competitive games have terrible attitudes and are held contemptuously by their teammates and rivals. Always be a good sportsman and have a good attitude when you are playing competitive games.