Gone are the days when people used to engage themselves in physical activities and stay fit because, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, today, there are more than 50 percent of the men who do not involve in any physical activity for over 10 minutes. The result of this inactive behavior is the increase in obesity that we observe in men. It is important for us all to pay attention to our eating habits and overall lifestyle to stay fit, active and healthy for a long life.

Recent studies have revealed that the habits of our fathers are strongly affected upon their kids and the more fathers opt for a healthier lifestyle, the better they would be able to educate their kids about it. There are a lot of little changes that a man can bring into his life and start transforming himself from fat to fit. So let’s take a look at our top picks for the men to have an ideal body and a better lifestyle.

Engage in physical activities and make it a regular thing

The most important thing to do, when it comes to fitness and staying in shape, is to get involved in some physical activity. Be it some workout routine that you follow at home or at the gym or a morning walk in the fresh air, or a dedicated hour of running or jogging with your dog. It can be anything, just make sure that it is regular and that you are bringing something new to it every now and then to stay motivated and to not get bored.

Ask a friend to join you in your fitness routine

Motivation is the key to staying in your routine for working out and fat burning and who could do it better for you than a friend? So ask a buddy to help you with this. Set goals together and try to reach those goals realistically with your friend. You will not only enjoy your fitness routine, but you will also feel more motivation because of the challenge with them.

Pay attention to what you are consuming

It is important to pay attention to what you are eating as your eating habits greatly affect your weight and health. Focus on eating natural foods instead of processed ones and try to cook healthy as well. Instead of baking or deep frying food, try grilling and steaming it to make sure that you are taking in only healthy fats. When you are eating any processed food, try to go through the labels on it. This will help you learn how many calories and fats the food contains and you can think on getting some other alternative to it. Eating healthy food that gives you energy is vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Do not forget strength training

Strength training is also an important part of your fitness routine with the benefit that you can do it anywhere – at home, at the gym, or even during some free time at your office. Strength training is very effective for toning your muscles so you shouldn’t forget it. For example, pushups are a fun thing to do and a very effective exercise for your chest, shoulders and triceps. Doing pushups with a friend is going to make you enjoy it more than you had thought!

Go sporting

If you do not want to become bored doing the same exercise routine every day, then you should bring something exciting to it to stay motivated. How about going for a sport with friends? Sports are an excellent way of burning fats and due to the thrill of it, you do not feel exhausted as much as you do with your workout. So treat yourself to a sport day, hang out with your friends and burn some fat in some challenging matches. You will find a very pleasant change in your stamina as well when you have started a workout routine.

Add fun to your daily diet as well

When we talk about some controlled diet plans, we get a taste of boredom as we are not allowed to eat everything in it. But you can make it exciting for yourself by adding your favourite fruits and vegetables to your food. Instead of eating the same things every day, try mingling your favourites and add fun to your diet. Opting for some portion control can also be very helpful if you cannot avoid eating some specific food. For example, going for a whole pizza, if you take a slice of it and savor it, you will find yourself much happier on your diet and there would be less cheating as well.

Try simple cardio workouts

Try some simple ways in which you can raise up your heart beat. In cardio exercises, your heart rate increases fast and you burn more calories. For example, running instead of walking can give you the cardio that you are looking for. Instead of using an elevator, you can take the stairs. Choose to walk at a brisk pace rather than limping around slowly. Park your car at a distance from your destination to get more steps to walk. Try to stand up more, you can do it even during office hours.  These are simple yet effective ways of burning fats without noticing.

So these are the top tips that we have for men who are looking forward to get in shape and get a fit body as well. If you want to know more about male health and fitness, make sure you visit malehealthreview.com and get all the queries answered about it. Remember, a healthy lifestyle will give you a happier life.