Who would’ve thought that combining fitness with vacation would be a rising trend -and an in-demand one, at that?

These types of vacations, also known as fitness retreats, are sought after because it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a vacation while meeting like-minded people from different parts of the world.

Fitness retreats help people get in shape, lose the extra pounds, stay active, and be healthy. There’s no exact formula or program for a fitness program, which makes choosing one a very exciting process!

If you want to plan a getaway that will motivate you to stay healthy long after your vacation is over, fitness retreats are a must-try.

Below are some of the top fitness retreats you should visit:

Samui Fitness Retreat – Koh Samui, Thailand

Achieving your fitness goals is easier when you are surrounded and supported by the right people.

Your coach will always be present to guide you as you break boundaries and push your limits with your peers!

Reach your personal goals with like-minded fitness-enthusiasts.

Enjoy astounding, life-changing results with strength and conditioning, bootcamp burn, nutrition, and workout sessions in a tropical paradise.

Travel and get fit with Samui Fitness Retreat. Experience a whole new approach to fitness with meticulously handcrafted workouts and routines.

Ready to change your life with boot camp Thailand? Check out https://samuifitnessretreat.com/ to learn more!

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa (British Columbia)

If you need to de-stress and bask in a peaceful place surrounded with lush landscapes, you can escape to Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa in Canada.

This fitness retreat offers various programs to help lower your stress levels, detoxify your body, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, and strengthen mental health. Stay in a beautiful rustic lodge located in Ainsworth Hot Springs, where you can have access to indoor and outdoor spas and large yoga rooms overlooking the mountains.

Active Escapes (Barbados)

Getting fit while in the Caribbean? Why not!

Active Escapes offers a week full of energy-boosting and rejuvenating regimes. Stay at Sandy Lane, a luxurious resort overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea. 

Stay active with mountain biking, training sessions, yoga, hiking, snorkeling and surfing. Gourmet meals are also included, where chefs concoct meals with the least processed ingredients possible. 

Chosen Experiences (Bali, Indonesia)

Been feeling out of touch lately? It’s high time to seek out a fitness or yoga retreat

With Chosen Experiences, you get access to programs designed to delve into optimal self-care to cultivate self-belief and aid one’s journey towards an impactfully positive lifestyle.

You can choose among four programs – Impact Experiences, Partnership Experiences, BeSpoke Experience, and Life Optimization Experience. All of these programs have one thing in common – and that is to encourage participants to live a meaningful, value-based, and high-performance lifestyle with self-belief at the core.

Anantara Angkor Resort (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

A health and fitness holiday at the heart of Cambodia awaits at the Anantara Angkor Resort. This luxury hotel is the closest hotel to Angkor Wat temple, and is just 15 minutes away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The program offers four types of retreats – Reboot, Reshape, Refresh, and Recharge.

Need something more serious? You can try the latest addition to the health and fitness offerings of Anantara Angkor Resort, the Seven Ways of Enlightenment in line with Khmer traditions. You can customize each program based on your moods, needs, stress levels, and personal preferences.

Aro Ha (Glenorchy, New Zealand)

Wellness traditions and luxury work hand in hand to create a relaxing fitness retreat like no other. Aro Ha is specially created to rejuvenate the human spirit. 

Find yourself deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where you can do away with the stressful hustle and bustle of daily life and focus on self-healing.

Various retreats are offered throughout the year so make sure to check on their latest offerings. All of their programs are designed to transform a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and infuse it into daily habits.