Whether you love to travel for pleasure, for work or you combine a bit of both, sticking to your fitness routine can be challenging. Here are some tips that have set me up for success

Keep your morning routine the same

Try to get up at the same time and start the day how you’d normally start. Whatever it is, working out, reading a book or a certain meal. Health and fitness are won in consistency. Part of starting your morning well is ensuring a good nights sleep. I have learned from experience that hotels are often not set up with the best sleeping environments. Here are a few things I do to ensure I get a great sleep so I can keep my routine.

  • Eye shades, especially if the blinds aren’t blackout ones
  • Unplug all electronics, lots of times these can light up the whole room and they emit blue light which hinders our quality of sleep
  • Turn the AC on so the room is a cool temperature especially for sleep.

Plan your meals

I’ll do a grocery store run when I get to my destination and pick up healthy foods that I can keep in my room. Ask for a mini fridge in your room. I always do this, although there was one time when they didn’t have one available, so I improvised. I bought a cheap styrofoam camping cooler from a grocery store and filled it with ice. It was somewhat of a hassle as I had to refill it with ice everyday and I would wake up to my food swimming in water but it did the trick! I saved money from not having to eat out and I could eat what I normally would. Hotels are pretty accommodating if you need a microwave and there isn’t one in the room. I’ll also pack protein powder and protein bars with me, these go everywhere with me so I have a handy option. If you know you will be indulging later in the evening, enjoy that time and enjoy new restaurants or foods. Plan to stay on track for the first part of your day and then get right back to your eating plan the next day.

Run to explore the city

This is my favorite way to explore the city and area I’m staying and I always find cool places that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The Map My Run app has great running routes that people have done and rated. Just open it, turn on the GPS and it will tell you then ones near you. I have found some great trail runs and ocean runs through seeing other people’s routes. This also steers you away from running into sketchy areas by mistake! All-Trails is a great app for hikes, they are all rated from users and have difficulty and time ratings. Make sure your phone has full battery life and take a credit card (if you don’t have Apple Pay), just incase you want to stop for a coffee, or you end up running too far and need to Uber back to the hotel!

Pack clothes in a carry on

Long flights and layovers can be tough, just sitting and waiting, especially if the airport you are at is not very big. I will pack a bathing suit, workout clothes, shoes and basic shower toiletries in my carry on. Lots of large airports have fitness facilities in them; I know YYZ has a Good Life. The other option I’ve used is the airport hotel gyms and pools. I’ve paid a drop in rate or sometimes they haven’t even charged me! Usually airport hotels are quite nice too, so you’ll usually get a super clean gym and great shower facilities.

Drop in to gyms

This is another thing I love to do. CrossFit is my form of fitness and every time I’m on the road I’ll find a CrossFit gym and drop in. Firstly, this helps me stay consistent with my workout routine and secondly, it is one of the best ways to meet new people. There is nothing that unites two strangers as quickly as dying in a workout side by side. I have met some great friends and business partners through meeting someone in a quick one-hour workout class.

Lastly, have fun! If this is a holiday, a work trip or a combo of both enjoy the new experiences. Health and fitness is a core value of mine so I have made it a pillar in my daily life. It is not a chore to grocery shop and store my food in a cooler full of ice, nor is it a chore to workout and eat right while I’m travelling. We as humans will make time for what is important to us, so if you share my health and fitness values I hope some of these tips can help you on the road!


Meaghan Becker – Crossfit Armoury