When you practice martial arts like BJJ training that involve a lot of grappling and body movements, you need to prioritize comfort above all. Being comfortable with your Gi or kimono will increase your chances of winning and minimize your body aches later on.

Martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will involve a lot of training, and sometimes, each session can be grueling and taxing to the mind and body. Your mind should learn how to have a laser-like focus and worrying about your clothes and how troubling they are should be the least of your worries.

You need to do proper training moves and executions without having trouble. Even if you are already a seasoned fighter with a black belt, you may still find it challenging to do matches when your Gi is on your way. You may want to check several options for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis and the reviews about them to know more about what you should choose. The training and the competition kimonos should follow a set of rules, so it’s best to research them before selecting a uniform.

If you search in the marketplace for a Gi that’s suitable for your BJJ training, you may become overwhelmed with plenty of options out there. What you can do is to find specific characteristics that will help you win your match. Here are some of them.

Factors to Look for When Choosing Gis

1. Maximum Comfort

You may want to select a kimono that feels comfortable. It should be not too tight and not too loose. The pants, belts, and robes should not restrict your arms and feet in any way. You should be able to move comfortably, and you can do several techniques without the clothes getting in your way.

If you have chosen clothing that is too tight, you may restrict your movements, and you won’t be able to block your opponent during a critical time. Sometimes, your Gi will spell the difference between winning or losing, so choose carefully for your BJJ training.

Sometimes, costs should be out of the equation as it won’t matter if your kimono has cost you over a thousand dollars. What matters the most is that it will guarantee comfort. When you shop, consider trying sizes and types. If you already have an old set of Gis, you may want to get their sizes to know and make their measurements the basis of getting new ones.

Even if you don’t visit a store and just browse online, it’s still helpful to know the size that will fit you best. You can shop around on online platforms, get the best deals, and chat with the representatives to learn more about whether the size is for you or not.

2. Durability is Essential

Another factor to look for is the durability of the clothes. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, close contact and a lot of grappling are often involved. You can know more about the BJJ sport on this site. You need to wear something that will hold up from your opponents who are trying to tear them down. Training also involves hours of mastering techniques, so you may need a set of uniforms that will last.

Many players say that they often get discouraged when their garments easily tear up during training. To prevent this from happening, look for Gis with high-quality stitches, and are made from premium materials. It’s not necessary to wear a material that’s lasting but may be too heavy. It’s best to compromise between the two factors. A durable design that won’t easily rip is the one that you should be looking for.

Why Specifically Get a Jiu Jitsu Gi?

For starters, it is important to understand that Jiu-Jitsu Gi is different from other martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu involves a lot of pulling and grappling, so it’s best to have a kimono that can withstand the constant pressures. The thinner materials that are often found in kimonos from other sports can easily tear when you use them for BJJ training.

Many beginners may make the mistake of thinking that they can use their outfits in Judo for BJJ. However, while many of the materials being worn in Judo are durable, Judo’s uniforms usually have wider sleeves. The materials on the arms will give many opponents the chance to grip the extra clothing, and they can trap the player using their hands. The uniforms exclusive to BJJ usually provide lesser opportunities for opponents to have something to grab onto.

What’s Next in Choosing a Gi?

As discussed above, durability and comfort are just some of the factors that to look for in a Gi. For other things that you need to look for, you need to determine the materials used in the kimono and how they were woven together. The overall thickness and weight matter, especially if you are going to compete.

Weight: The weight matters in training. If you do exercises in a hot and humid area, the lighter Gis will let you breathe better, and you won’t feel stuffed. If you belong to the lower weight divisions, the more lightweight kimonos will also help you out.

Thickness: The thickness of the cloth matters as the thicker the Gi is, the harder it will be for your opponent to take hold of you. If they can grab you, they may not maintain a strong grip, resulting in sore hands later on. You may compare this to grabbing a shirt and a leather jacket. The tighter you can close your fist while seizing, the more control you will have. 

Some standards that you may want to know involve single, double, gold, and pearl weaves. Fortunately, today, many manufacturers are deciding to create their own special weaves to provide more options to their wearers. Innovation to create better weaves results in a more comfortable and durable kimono for many. However, the process of customization may make it hard for beginners to compare one Gi from another for BJJ training.

To make the entire process simple and make your buying experience hassle-free, you may want to know about the categories that were created by users online. Here are some that you should know about.

4 Categories for Gis

1. Value

The kimonos included in this category cost less, and they consist of a single weave. The Gi in the value category is best for beginners who are on a budget. Beginners need to know that they can start training and learning the basics of Jiu-Jitsu without the need to spend a lot. It’s best to learn more about what you like or dislike about a specific Gi before deciding to make a more expensive purchase.

Because of the light materials used, these are more lightweight compared to others. They tend to be thinner but not too much to fall into the category of “ultra-light.” However, the light materials will make it easier for the opponents to grab you, so these may not be the right choice in tournaments.

2. Ultra-Light

This may have the lightest materials, but they are great when you tend to train in warmer weather. Their breathable quality greatly reduces sweating because lesser cotton is used. Learn more about other types of fabrics aside from cotton on this page here: https://www.thespruce.com/fabric-glossary-clothes-you-wear-2145791. If you are going to weigh in for a competition, you can also limit the weight on the scales with these types.

The special weaves add extra durability, and they are similar to that of Hybrid Light Gis. Because of the special weaves, they tend to last longer than the Value Gis, but they might not last longer than other categories. The thinness of the materials makes it easy for your opponents to grab you, so this may not be ideal if you are going into competitions.

3. Premium Lights

The improved lightness and durability of the cloth make it one of the best in terms of performance for your BJJ training. Some of the additional features to look for in premium lights include better material quality and softer cotton. The weaves are thicker without adding extra weights. The rash guard linings are sewed in the Gi itself. There are inseam stretches under the arm areas and high-quality embroidery in stitches.

4. Premium Heavy Gis

The heavier varieties use thicker weaves and more materials. Usually, they are made of double weaves or gold ones. This is the thickest category that is ideal for heavier players. Players who wear these kinds make it hard for their opponents to manipulate their clothing. The extra material also makes this cloth a durable one, but it will cost a lot as well.

The Bottom Line

An excellent kimono can make the art of mastering Jiu-Jitsu an easier one. The ones with the best qualities will help you learn the techniques and the moves used in this martial art without fearing that your clothes will get ripped while training. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a specific Gi and consider your body mass index. Please choose the appropriate size, learn more about their qualities, and read user reviews to make a more accurate choice in Jiu-Jitsu Gis.