Are you looking for efficient radiology services? At his practice in Mesa, AZ, interventional radiologist Kirk Minkus leads a team of experts in offering the highest quality services. Contact them for a treatment plan that not only minimizes your risk exposure, but also improves your overall health.

Meet Dr. Minkus

Kirk Minkus, MD is a proficient radiologist with a specialty in peripheral arterial disease and venous diseases. He boasts of high experience in conducting minimally invasive procedures. At his practices in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona, he leads a team of board-certified internists, radiologists, and cardiologists. Together, the specialists thrive in offering holistic care targeting the whole body, unlike other practices.

Dr. Kirk completed his undergraduate studies at Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, and progressed to graduate work at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Afterward, he joined a combined medical and research program at St. George’s University School of Medicine, graduating with an MD and Master of Science degree.

Dr. Minkus continued his training at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences in Toledo, Ohio, where he trained in interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology. Although the doctor has been named a Top 10 doctor by, he prides himself on winning the Patient’s Choice and Compassionate Doctor Awards.

With a license to practice in seven states, the doctor holds dual board certification in interventional and vascular radiology and diagnostic radiology. Dr. Minkus enjoys composing music in his free time and acts as a drummer, singer, and multi-percussionist. When he isn’t being a doctor or a rockstar, Dr. Minkus enjoys playing golf, playing with his dogs, and spending time with his family.

Available Services

At his practice, Dr. Minkus and his capable team provide a full range of high-quality services such as:

·       Diabetes – To maintain your blood sugar levels, diabetes demands meticulous, lifelong management. To help prevent severe complications such as coronary artery disease and chronic diseases, Dr. Minkus offers comprehensive long-term care to people with diabetes.

·       Leg Tingling – Persistent leg tingling may be a sign of nerve damage. As such, it is imperative to seek assistance if your condition persists. For restorative care for leg tingling, from diagnosis of the underlying cause to recovery, contact Dr. Minkus for a superior treatment plan against vascular diseases.

·       Peripheral Arterial Disease – If you experience leg pain when walking and relief at rest, it may be due to Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). Your expert radiologist, Kirk Minkus, MD, regularly performs successful minimally invasive procedures to remedy PAD.

·       Foot Pain – Foot pain that occurs without injury or a foot condition may indicate a nerve or vascular problem. Before designing your treatment plan, Dr. Minkus works to identify the source of your pain. Whether you seek solutions for chronic diseases or minimally invasive procedures, you can trust Dr. Minkus’ effective methods.

·       Cold Feet – Are your feet persistently cold? This condition is congruent with a nerve condition or poor circulation. Your team at Kirk Minkus, MD, can accurately pinpoint the cause and proceed to offer you a comprehensive treatment plan for this state.

·       Spinal Fractures – For vertebral fractures, Dr. Minkus applies a minimally invasive procedure named kyphoplasty. With his vast experience in performing kyphoplasty, you can put your trust in his methods for long-term relief.

Bottom Line

If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is wise to react before they become even more severe. Contact Dr. Kirk Minkus for an effective minimally-invasive procedure that guarantees results.