Endorphins must be the most popular hormones in our body as they have the power to induce positive emotions. No wonder we are constantly looking for the ways to make them work for us. So do you increase endorphins and serotonin to make yourself happy? Let’s find out!

Take a group exercise class or yoga class

Physical activity is generally known as a great mood booster. The endorphins tend to release in our body every time we hit the gym. However, humans are social animals, and the amount of “happy” hormones increases when we work out in the group. One of the best ways to achieve that “feel-good” sensation is yoga. It combines power exercises and stretching, which is particularly good for your body as it increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood and boosts endorphins. With every next yoga pose, you’ll feel more satisfied and elevated.

Eat some chocolate or nuts  

Do you know how to boost endorphins almost immediately? Have some chocolate! This treat is an ultimate mood booster, and it is easily accessible at the nearby grocery store. Chocolate has the power to affect the mood due to a special group of chemicals known as N-acylethanolamine that stimulate brain channels responsible for the release of endorphins. But mind you, this applies only to low sugar, high cacao, dark chocolate. Another example of endorphin-boosting foods is nuts. Namely, Brazil nuts contain B vitamins, selenium, protein, and healthy fats. All combined, it has a positive effect on one’s mood.

Listen to music

How to release endorphins if you are not hungry? Another quick way to elevate your mood is listening to your favorite music. When you hear a nice song, your brain releases chemicals that instantly make you feel better. There is actually a research proving that the effect of music on your brain equals the effect of opioids. Endorphin release in your body is accompanied by the so-called “music rush”, the chill you get while listening to a great song. So whenever you feel down, put your headphones on!

Go for a run

Just like any other physical exercise, running can increase endorphins and make you feel better. One of the recent studies on the effect of running on the human brain has examined the cause of “the runner’s high”. This is the elation the person experiences after running a few miles. It’s been concluded that the release of chemicals into the brain happens during the prolonged moderate physical activity. To experience this sensation, you might need to push yourself but not too hard. Once you find the right balance between comfortable and challenging, you’re on the right track.

Start a new relationship

Do you know how to increase endorphins big time? Start seeing someone. When you feel attracted to someone, your brain activates the same neural pathways that control reward behavior. This is one of the reasons why the first weeks of a new relationship feel so blissful and overwhelming. Such triggers as having sex and spending quality time with loved ones provoke a burst of “happiness” hormones. Most importantly, satisfaction from fulfilling relationship lasts much longer than from other ways to release endorphins.

Get outdoors 

Sometimes a short walk around the block is all it takes to refresh your mind. The reason why we feel brightened and elevated after spending some time outdoors is the release of endorphines caused by more oxygen. The more fresh air you inhale, the bigger amounts of “happy” hormones your body produces. Besides, you’ll feel more energized and concentrated after a quick stroll in the middle of a working day.

Find more reasons to laugh

It’s not a secret that laughter is good for your health. Interestingly, it’s not an intellectual pleasure from hearing a good joke but a physical act of laughing that makes you feel good. What triggers the release of endorphins are the muscle contractions involved in producing laughter. When we smile, the brain cannot tell whether it’s fake or real; it releases endorphins anyway. That is why even a social laughter can make you feel better.

Now that you know how to increase endorphins, use this information to make your days brighter.