Eczema can appear on almost every part of the body. The skin condition presents itself as red, itchy, and inflamed the skin and it is not uncommon for a cluster of small blisters to form on the affected area. Eczema that appears on the eyelids is otherwise known as eyelid dermatitis. As with most types of eczema, eyelid dermatitis will cause the skin to become extremely itchy, red, and inflamed. While this skin condition can be difficult to manage, considering that there are numerous triggers that can cause flare-ups, there are a few natural solutions that can effectively help treat the symptoms and prevent the frequency of flare-ups.

Common Culprits To Avoid

Eyelids are understandably sensitive and it is always best to avoid the use of harsh skincare products on fragile eyelid skin to prevent unpleasant reactions. It is not uncommon for sunscreen and fragranced moisturizing products to cause eyelid dermatitis. However, the list of culprits extends to contact lens solution, false eyelashes, certain cosmetic products, eye drops, and even airborne pollutants. Avoiding all the common culprits can be difficult, which is why it is always best to avoid changing skincare products often and using several different products on delicate eye skin. There are numerous causes of eczema and even stress is a common culprit that may be difficult to avoid.

Natural Treatments

This skin condition can be treated with the use of natural products. Because the ingredients used to formulate natural products are organic, they will be far more soothing on the skin that is already irritated and tender. Using creams and ointments that contain artificial additives and preservatives can cause painful skin reactions and are likely to worsen the condition of fragile skin. Active ingredients such as cortisone are advertised to treat eczema, although, prolonged use of such products will result in skin thinning, skin discoloration, and burning.

Moisturizing skin often is recommended for individuals who are prone to eczema because optimal hydration will prevent the discomfort of dry, irritated skin. It is best to use products that contain natural ingredients such as manuka oil that will not just hydrate skin, but also assist with reducing inflammation, soothing itching and improving the skin’s barrier function to protect the skin. Calendula facial creams are also ideal for managing the discomfort of eyelid eczema.

Ensure that your skincare routine is as simple as possible and avoid using numerous products on your skin as this will increase the risks of an allergic skin reaction. A suitable skincare routine may consist of a gentle cleansing product that is organic and a moisturizing product only. Avoid scrubbing facial skin as this may aggravate already sensitive skin.

Should You Avoid Wearing Makeup?

If you suffer from eczema and sensitive skin, finding suitable makeup products can be difficult because the vast majority of available products are not specially designed to suit sensitive skin types. However, this does not mean that there are no suitable cosmetic products. While attempting to treat existing skin where eczema is present, it would be best to avoid the use of any makeup products to rather avoid additional skin irritations, although, you should eliminate the use of harmful cosmetic products through a careful evaluation of the products’ ingredients.

Eczema prone skin should be handled with care, even if eczema is not currently present, you should still consider which products are safe for your skin. It is recommended to opt for products that do not contain numerous different ingredients and rather consider organic makeup products that only contain a few natural ingredients. Vegan-friendly brands are usually best for sensitive skin types. When applying your makeup, it is best to use a clean applicator brush to prevent the transfer of bacterias that can cause unsightly skin conditions. Be sure to wash applicator sponges and brushes after each use and replace makeup regularly as bacteria can grow within containers.

Skin Cleansing Is Important

Regardless of your skin type, cleansing is vital for healthy skin. However, individuals with sensitive skin that is prone to eczema flare-ups should avoid harsh scrubbing that will remove the skins oily protective layer. Scrubbing will also cause the skin to become irritated, which can worsen eczema symptoms significantly.

When cleansing sensitive skin, opt for facial cleansing lotions that will clean and refresh the skin without causing any potential skin reactions. Facial cleansing lotions that contain jojoba oil or calendula oil are ideal for improving skin’s general health by providing optimal skin hydration and moisture retention and by reducing inflammation significantly. Ensure that your daily skincare routine is simple and consists of organic, soothing products and avoid leaving eye makeup on for too long periods of time. Leaving any eye makeup on overnight can encourage the growth of bad bacterias that will result in the discomfort of eyelid dermatitis.