Having a healthy full head of hair is one of the most important physical attributes that any person could ever want. And rightly so, since our hair is considered our crowning glory until it is not. There are many reasons for hair problems such as thinning, hair, hair fall, hair patches, and baldness, all of which can be treatable at some point and some are hopeless cases. It could be caused by genetics, sickness, medication, or treatments like chemotherapy and stress.  It is unsightly, and often a source of insecurities and loss of self-confidence and it can bring people to depression and negative feelings. It is important to be able to find a lasting solution to such hair problems as Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad as this could go on for a long time without any relief in sight. The market is flooded with hair care products and cosmetic fixes for hair problems, there are the wigs, toupee’s, hair extensions, hats, bandanas, and other forms of coverage, which does not really solve the issue but rather covers it up and at the end of the day, the same problem is still there. This can be depressing for some and frustrating too, having to wear a wig the whole day can be stressful and the fear of it falling off is anxiety-provoking. Although hair transplant has been around since the 1950s, it is not a favored treatment or procedure for thinning hair or scalp patches as it is very expensive and painful, the result of which takes about 6 months before any real improvement can be observed, most of all medical insurance does not cover it, so you have to fork out an enormous amount of money to get hair implants done. Fortunately, a new procedure has been developed and it involves tattooing the scalp with organic-based dyes in a way that will mimic the appearance of hair follicles. The result is an illusion of a full set of newly grown hair when it is just the micropigmentation of the scalp. Continue reading to find out the top three reasons for wanting a scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad and how it can help someone with hair problems.

Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad provides a lasting solution to the hair problem.

Hair problems like thinning hair, baldness, and severe hair fall are difficult to treat since there is no existing treatment that is guaranteed to work. Some people do respond to hair growth shampoos and using plant-based mixtures but most do not and they end up with wigs and scarves or hats. You cannot wear a hat the whole day, and arranging your hair so it covers the bald or thinner areas is also time-consuming and does not last long in the day. Scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad provides the only lasting solution to this problem. Organic plant-based dye is injected into the scalp just beneath the dermis of the scalp, as a tattoo, the pigments are injected in such a way that they will look like hair follicles. This would give the appearance of fullness for those with thinning hair, and hair growth for those who are bald. In this way, one can proudly be seen in public with a closed-cut look that is sexy and eye-catching and exudes confidence and strength. The tattooed hair follicles are permanent and will always give one that looks full for years to come, although one needs a touch-up every 5 to 8 years, which is a pretty good deal. Having a scalp micropigmentation procedure lasts for years and this would mean a lasting solution than a quick fix.

Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad is safe and done only by certified and trained staff.

As scalp micropigmentation, Carlsbad is a relatively new treatment, the one who developed the technique is now training several specialists to do the SMP so that it will become more accessible to different areas in the region. Although it involves injecting pigments or dyes into the outer dermis of the scalp, the procedure is completely safe and with a minimal amount of pain. The SMP specialists work with a special blend of organic plant-based dyes that is safe for the skin, although care should be taken to check for any allergic reaction to the pigments. Moreover, only those trained by the founder of the procedure can perform the treatment who have gone through rigorous hours of training with hands-on performance tasks and for the first few weeks are always supervised when they handle the SMP treatments. Thus, those who will get the treatment can be assured that only the best will do the procedure on them.

Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad Treatments can be availed by installment payments.

Scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad treatments are still costly as compared to the other cosmetic treatments for hair and scalp problems, but it is still affordable compared to hair transplant which considering that its results last for more than 5 years without touch-ups all make up for its costs. But since most SMP specialists wanted to bring the treatment to more people with hair issues, they do offer installment packages. You can take advantage of the packages as they will greatly help you realize an end to hair problems and at the same time easier on the budget.

To complete the procedure, the patient has to return for the second session and then after that in about 5 to 8 years for touch-ups. The procedure involves the tattooing of a permanent dye on the scalp, so it will fade over time, and the exposure to sun rays and UV rays can also weaken the pigmentation and cause it to fade thus the need for touch-ups. On the other hand, one needs to continue maintaining that shaved look as it is the only way to show off your supposed hair follicles. If you have thinning hair and the SMP was placed under the scalp to improve fullness, then there is no need for shaving. But for those who are bald and want to enjoy the appearance of a head of hair, then SMP can be a friend and a foe especially if you did not follow the aftercare instructions.