Outdoor boot camps as they have become known, have grown in popularity for an outdoor fitness alternative to traditional “in gym” group fitness classes. Since 2004, many outdoor boot camp classes have come and gone, and after 13 years in business, Soldiers of Fitness has withstood them all. The key to the success of Soldiers of Fitness (SOF) seems to be its belief and core military values invoking teamwork and the notion that no one gets left behind! That combined with the fact that each class is and always has been led exclusively by current or former military personnel sets it apart from other outdoor group classes.

Outdoor boot camps offer a level of excitement and variety that their indoor counterparts do not. The outdoors allows these groups to utilize the beautiful Edmonton river valley, with its abundant staircases and trails. It also allows for a variety of exercises that others cannot. A few examples are; tire drags, log carry drills and hill training which is extremely beneficial for those looking to compete in the variety of outdoor obstacle races and ultra marathons that have become so popular.