Women often want to have a curvy and beautiful hourglass figure. In order to achieve this, the hips and bust must be ten inches wider as compared to the waist. You can get this hourglass figure by exercise and diet. Don’t forget to include protein in your diet. Easy ways to do so are including cheese, cereal, almonds, and greek yogurt in your diet.

Weight Training, Cardio Exercises – The Way to Fitness

To get a curvy body, exercise is a very important part. You can get rid of extra weight by choosing best fat burners for women to get instant results. It is important to reduce fat from your waist and hips. You can achieve this by practicing the following exercises.

  • Cardio helps you to take more oxygen and get lean legs. These exercises are important to burn fat. Cycling, running, swimming and aerobics are some of the cardio workouts. Brisk walking and jogging are also very effective to burn stubborn fat. You must do these cardio workouts for thirty minutes five times in a week. In the case of high fat, you can increase the workout time by 45 or 60 minutes.
  • You can use dumbbells to strengthen your chest. Lie on a ball facing upwards. Rest shoulders and head on the top. Position the dumbbells an inch apart by positioning the palms above your body. Bend your elbows and lower the weights. Repeat this process for 10-12 times. This helps you to work on your abs.
  • Get a tone, and firm butt – Leg curls, lunges, and squats are very helpful to achieve the desired butts. For lunges, keep your shoulder and feet apart from each other. Step forward and bend both knees at ninety degrees. Step back into your previous position. Repeat this with another leg as well.
  • You can also perform this exercise with a dumbbell. Repeat this process for 10-12 times. For squats, keep your legs and shoulders apart. Toes must be pointed to forty-five- degree angle. Keep the weight of your body on heels and lower the body into a squatting position. Repeat the same with another leg.
  • Make your leg perfect for pencil skirts. Side lunges, Pilates, and lateral step-ups will help you to get the desired shape. For lateral step-ups, select 12-18 inches higher step. Step up and down with alternate legs.
  • Make your arms and shoulders toned by working on your upper body. A shoulder press, bench dip, and arm circles can bring your upper body in shape.
  • Sumo squat is also a very effective way for women to tone and strengthen their legs. Stand with your shoulder and feet wide apart from each other. Hold a barbell by extending your arm. Position your toes at forty-five degrees. Lower your body by bending knees. Stand up and raise the bar to your neck height. Lower your back and repeat the process for 10-12 times.
  • Target your midsection with this exercise. Lie with face up, extend arms behind head, and position legs and palms together. Lift legs and arms and touch hands to toes. Repeat the same process for 15-20 times.

Other Aspects that You May Consider!

Eat Healthy Low-Calorie Food

To get an hourglass figure, it is important to develop some curves. Eating healthy food reduces retention of water and bloating.

  • Reduce the intake of calories. You must keep a watch on protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. Eating small meals burns calories faster as well as increases the metabolism
  • Take processed foods in lesser quantity. Drinking more water helps to reduce the intake of calories
  • Keep fruits, nuts, rice cakes or raisins within your reach. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits as they have high nutritional content with low calories, especially carrots, a very famous food item for an ideal figure. You can store carrots for use in longer terms by cutting the green part, put it in the water and then put everything in the fridge.

Thus, these training tips for women will prove helpful to you to achieve an hourglass figure that you dream of. Take few months and practice these tips. You are going to love yourself!