A personal trainer is someone who guides, tracks, and monitors your transformed personal training. They are seasoned professionals who know more about your physical state than you do. Like you, many people struggle with their lifestyles. They have either become too lax or too lenient when it comes to maintaining a healthy physique that they don’t remember what life was like back when they were still considered “clinically fit.” Personal trainers help you pave your path to wellness. They help you create an actionable plan to better your holistic health. 

We have heard this line in so many occasions – but mostly in speeches that concern fitness and physical health. Cliché as that line may be, it still rings true. It’s a timeless line that everyone should hear. After all, we see one too many people abusing their bodies on a daily basis. And by the way, I’m not just talking about inflicting self-harm.

When people say “abusing your body,” we often think about physical harm to oneself. We think about suicidal tendencies and inclinations to inflict self-harm. But you know, there are many other ways you can abuse your body aside from making it bleed red (read more). In fact, some of these “ways” may be something you do ignorantly each and everyday. You know how the saying goes “ignorance is bliss”? Well, I have a short continuation to that:

Ignorance is bliss, indeed. But it’s dangerous. 

What you don’t know may not worry you but it can hurt you – especially when left unchecked by a personal trainer. Let me explain what I mean by this by citing a few vivid examples.

Half of you reading this right now must work a day job of some sort, right? Or, it could be a night job – whichever is the same so long as you work the standard eight hours. So if you have one, you’re probably a victim of the following things:

  • Excruciating overtime hours
  • Skipping breakfast everyday because of rushing to work
  • Binge-eating junk food because of stress
  • Trouble sleeping at night because of deadlines
  • Missing family trips because of holiday work
  • Gaining pound over pound because of lack of exercise
  • Painful head and back aches because of sitting in front of a computer

Life is hard and we all know it. We desperately try to make ends meet even at the cost of our own health. After all, if we don’t work our share of labor, who will? We’ve got to keep up with work demands if we want to put bread on the table. However, what people tend to forget all the time is this one simple truth:

Success means nothing if you’re dead or dying.

I apologize for not using less upsetting words but some truths need to be slapped to the face in order for it to make sense. Yes, we need to work – hard, even. But it should never be at the expense of our health. If we keep grinding ourselves to the bone, then what will be left of us? Wouldn’t it be a bigger problem if we bagged down from extreme stress and fatigue? Not to mention, the quality of the work we do is also compromised whenever we’re too worn out.

You see, things always work out in the end – regardless whether you do backbreaking work or not. I’m not saying you should stop working entirely; you just need to strike a healthy balance between work and life with the support of a personal trainer. Remember: We work to live, not live to work. There’s a clear difference between the two and it’s a difference you have to realize as early as now.

“But even if I’m willing to change now, I don’t know where to start.”

 Well, I get you. This is a problem many people face when they finally decide to better their lifestyle. True enough, it’s hard to bounce back when you’ve become way too lax and abusive of your body. It’s as if you have completely lost touch with your fit self. Not to worry, though. This is exactly why personal trainers exist.

What Is A Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are often fitness instructors – the kind of people you see managing gyms and yoga centers. Since these people have lived to be fit for most of their lives, they can easily identify what needs working in your body. They know exactly what you’ve been up to and how you can put a stop to it. For example, if you’re a huge alcohol fan and somehow ended up with a big belly trophy, your personal trainer will see right through it and devise a regimen that can help you lose all that flabby fat. The same goes when you’ve been excessively indulging yourself with take-out food. You will have stored fat in a different manner and your instructor will have to create a completely unique regimen for you to lose those love handles too.

So why can’t you just do all this monitoring yourself?

Well, first of all, I doubt that you have the discipline to do it. Right off the bat, you’re already confused as to which steps to take in order to improve your lifestyle. Tracking your progress is hardly something you’re capable of. A professional keeping tabs on you will greatly improve your chances to a successful lifestyle change. There’s just something about “being watched” that brings out the best in you. Also, it would be wise to have a real expert meddle with your meal plans and exercise routines. Otherwise, you might be doing yourself more harm than good.

In total, hiring a personal trainer is the most plausible option to take when you’re new to this whole fitness thing. If you don’t want to waste time, money, and effort on yo-yo diets and unsuccessful workouts, might as well invest in something that is already tested and proven to work.