You Be You Wellness (UBU) runs a weekly active-wellness program for girls in Grades 6-8 every spring and fall in addition to shorter-term workshops throughout the year with co-ed groups in schools and sports teams.

This 7-week spring program will blend mindful activities (i.e., breathing, yoga, and journaling) with physical activities (not sport-specific) with the intention of empowering girls to move more, judge themselves less, lead in their own way, lift each other up, and then reap the social, emotional, and physical benefits of trying it all out.

Each week will tackle a specific theme including resilience, being mindful, leadership, being comfortable in your own skin, and more. Therefore, the sessions are NOT drop-in and require participants to register for all 7 sessions as they build off of one another, or reference learnings now and then from previous weeks.

The last session is always a celebration session where parents/guardians are invited to attend and participate somehow in the challenge/activity with a casual gathering including food afterwards.

The maximum number of participants accepted into the program will be 12 and the minimum will be 9.

Participants must be youth who identify as female and be in Gr. 6-8 who live in and around the Edmonton area. Consistency of attendance benefits all participants and makes program planning and execution much smoother.

Edmonton’s program will run on Sundays, April 7-June 2 (*excluding April 21 & May 19) from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at Propel Sports Physical Therapy (Whitemud location – 4242 99 Street Northwest, Edmonton).

Sherwood Park’s program will run on Thursdays, April 18-May 30 from 6-8 p.m. at KEYLIME Athletic Wear (#100, 2693 Broadmoor Boulevard. 2nd floor, above clothing store)

There will be waivers to fill out for parents and participants acknowledging that we will participating in physical activity and the risks involved with that. Weekly updates will sent to parents/guardians to keep them in the know of what we did and why. And questions and open communication is encouraged throughout the program’s durations.

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Do I select all dates when registering my daughter?

Please just pick the first date and the fee will include all 7 sessions. All dates are listed simply for your reference to check your schedules and confirm you can make all/most sessions. The system should stop you from picking two dates, but if not, if you notice your total cost is more than $135 + Eventbrite fees, then deselect a date.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please send an email to and You Be You Wellness (UBU) Founder and Coach, Michelle Lindstrom, will respond.

What’s the refund policy?

Fees can be refunded up to 7 days prior to start date of the program. Please contact by March 31 if your daughter/person you’ve registered can no longer participate in the Edmonton-based program.

If less than 9 participants are registered by March 31, then fees will be refunded to those already registered and the YEG-based program will not run this spring.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No. I will receive the name and email address of the person who registers a participant and be in contact with him/her to gather some info before the start date of the program.

Is there parking?

Yes. There is free parking that faces Whitemud Drive that you can use.

Do guardians stay at the site during the program?

No. There will be a sign in and sign out form that I’d like parents and guardians to initial at the beginning of each session, meaning you’d have to come in to drop off and pick up your child, but otherwise you have almost two hours to yourself!

Can someone other than me drop off or pick up my daughter/registered participant?

Yes. If you can let me know when dropping off kids that you’ve carpooled, for example, and are signing in two participants, that would be great. And if the same is happening for pick up. But I’ll have waivers, emergency contact forms, and a survey for you to fill out before the program starts to cover the various scenarios of what to expect and if there are any people your child cannot go home with.

My daughter is very mature for her age but in Gr. 5. Can she be a part of the program?

Unfortunately no. I appreciate that every child is different in maturity levels and so a Gr. 5 student may be more mature than some Gr. 6 students, but it gets complicated when I make one exception to the rule for one person and then not for another. From my experience with program creation and facilitation, this age group works well together and I’d like to stick to the Gr. 6-8 span for the spring program.

Do you have a similar program for boys? They need something like this, too.

Not yet, but I absolutely agree. I have to be mindful of my own capacity, research, experience, and program intention. I don’t want to spread myself too thin to accommodate too many populations and dilute the effectiveness of this program. That does not mean I won’t consider broading the program’s reach one day in the future, but for now, my spring/fall weekly programs are girl-specific. 

I do work with boys and girls in schools (Sport Fit, Sports Performance, and Sport for Life programs) and sports teams (team-building, leadership, etc.) for 1-3 workshop sessions, though.

Why is a program like this necessary?

As a journalist and athlete, I’ve been interested in writing about sports and physical activity for as long as I can remember. About a decade ago, I noticed that in my adulthood, I was one of very few women in my everyday circles who still played sports and wondered what was holding other women back. So I began to ask my friends, colleagues, youth coaches, and university researchers.

There are many factors that impact a girls’ life and activity levels (i.e., postive reinforcement, inclusion, fun vs. competition, being social, options to activities, and more), which play a huge role if that girl will become a physically active woman. Many girls want different things out of physical activity than boys do, and so UBU’s combination of making movement mindful with purpose and increasing the social aspects of it, intentially sets the stage for girls to choose to be physically active on their own even after the program concludes. They make movement a lifelong healthy habit because of all the positive effects it has on them.

When physical education becomes an option in Alberta, which is after Gr. 10, 90% of girls opt out of it.

“If a girl hasn’t participated in sport by the age of 10, there is only a 10% chance that she will be physically active as an adult. Only 16% of adult women report sport participation.”–CAAWS

If my daughter can only attend 6 of the 7 sessions, can I have a refund for one?

Unfortunately no. The same goes for missed day due to illness or a conflicting activity. Once the number of participants is set a few days prior to the program’s start date, I buy all the materials required and prepare accordingly and cannot refund individual sessions. Please consider your child’s schedule and potential conflicts before registering.

If my daughter misses one session, will she be behind for the rest of the program?

No. The ideas and themes build off of one another and attending all sessions will give the most complete experience, but missing one session will not set your child behind or make her feel left out when she does return.