Are you looking for a way to escape the daily grind at some exotic location where you could maintain your fitness level or become healthier? Perhaps you need to adhere to a specific diet and exercise program due to health reasons, but cannot find a destination that supports that. Did you know that for many, the only form of vacation exercise they’ll get is from their deck chair to the bar?

Perhaps you’ve just grown tired of gaining vacation weight due to mindless eating. If this is the case and you happen to love Greece, why not select Corfu rentals for a fitness holiday? Corfu’s coastal areas, with the tranquility of its white sandy beaches and crisp mountain air provide the ideal setting for luxury fitness retreats. So what are the benefits of vacationing at these retreats? Read further to find out…

It’s a Great Way to Re-energize

Being pampered and training in an exotic location has a way of re-energizing your body and soul. The food is often portion controlled and of the same quality as a five-starred restaurant. Seeing that the food served here is healthy, you’re likely to shed weight and feel more energized.

It’s also great if you’ve been stressed out, as you’ll return home feeling more relaxed with a better outlook. Also, many people with insomnia return home well rested.

Enjoy Both The Retreat and Its Surrounding Beauty

Hiking is the ideal way to keep fit and still be laid back. Explore the Corfu Trail which is approximately 136 miles long and which could take you 10 days to complete.

But that’s not all. A walk here comes with breathtaking and relaxing mountain scenery. You could also walk to Venetian-era Perithia for some healthy local food. Or swim in Corfu’s crystal-clear waters, or go diving to keep fit here.

Receive Guidance From Wellness Professionals

Surround yourself with a wide range of professionals when you attend a luxury resort. These experts could include dietitians, weight loss coaches, personal trainers, physicians, wellness chefs, dancing instructors, swimming instructors, yogis, and life coaches.

Remember that chefs and dietitians often corroborate to make food for healthy vegan, juicing, raw food, and gluten-free diets. Also, some retreats conduct wellness evaluations to identify a baseline for your personal health. Physicians here can monitor improvements in your blood pressure, stress levels, and sleeping habits.

It Can be Life Altering 

The boot camps at most of these retreats can truly transform your life. Fitness coaches help you understand how lifestyle choices can affect your health and fitness levels. They can also provide you with an array of methods on how to build new healthier eating and working out habits. For instance, coaches may delve into the reasoning behind your binge and emotional eating.

Coaches could also help you identify various emotional triggers and educate you on strategies you could implement to avoid emotional eating for when you’re back home. Some retreats also offer cooking classes, where you’ll learn how to eat yourself healthier from some of the best wellness chefs.

Enjoy A Wide Range of Spa and Gym Facilities

Wellness retreats are popular for these types of facilities. Keep fit and healthy by using indoor pools or the services of a deep tissue masseuse at the spa.

Or use gym facilities such as cycle studios, squash courts, yoga and Pilates studios, or water atriums. Not sure about your fitness level or how to improve it? No worries, as most luxury retreats have certified personal trainers who will provide you with a tailor-made fitness program.

Receive Support From Like-Minded Individuals

The new connections that you make will in all likelihood have similar interests like yourself. This makes for a great fitness support system and you could even forge enduring friendships, which is great for your health.

This support system could serve as a mirror to help you identify health or weight loss issues you may not have realized on your own. Also, knowing you are not alone in your fitness journey, is a great morale booster.

It’s Less Stressful Than Other Holidays

If you’ve ever planned holidays, you’ll know that it never comes without some form of anxiety. This could be due to pressure resulting from trying to locate fun activities, to finding the right restaurants.

With luxury fitness retreats, everything is planned by the retreat’s staff. You won’t need to book any yoga, swimming, or dance classes, as you’ll receive a daily program that incorporates all the fitness classes, activities, and cooking classes. You may also spend less money with one trip to the wellness retreat than if you booked activities at different locations.

Additional Types of Wellness Retreats

You may be quite familiar with the wellness retreats that focus on spa and gym facilities, but did you know that there are other types of wellness retreats? One of these is the Winter golf club wellness resort. All -year round wellness enthusiasts can benefit from this, as the majority of golf clubs close during colder weather.

Summer ski lodge wellness retreats serve the same purpose for ski enthusiasts during the warmer months. Attending ski resort retreats during summer is a great way to unwind surrounded by natural beauty, and eat healthy, reflect, and meditate. This is ideal for improving mental clarity and emotional health. All-year round family wellness resorts are also great for adults and children who want to keep healthy throughout the year.

Luxury fitness retreats are an ideal way to unwind, and maintain or improve your overall well being and fitness levels. Some of the benefits of these retreats are cultivating a life changing support structure for healthy living, less vacation-related anxiety, guidance from wellness experts, and a range of fun activities.