With penalties on the federal tax return on the uninsured removed, many have started considering other options. Do they really need to have health insurance now? It’s understandable how it can feel like an unnecessary expense to enroll in a health care plan and pay costly monthly premiums, despite not visiting the hospital all the often. Your money can certainly go into other much urgent expenses. So why would anyone, especially if they’re of good health, invest their money in health insurance?

Here are a number of reasons why you definitely need to get health insurance, regardless of your health status:

Get affordable access to health care

Some of us are healthier than others. For the less healthy, you might be suffering from minimum symptoms every now and then, but instead of checking up on those symptoms, you brush them off as a “no big deal”. The driving factor behind this behavior is, most commonly, your priorities and your money allocation. After all, everyone knows how costly a single visit to the doctor can be. Having health insurance will motivate you to check up on your health and take care of it regularly without the burden of finances influencing your decision. 

On the other hand, a healthy individual might feel it’s an unnecessary investment to make. While their health care needs might not be as extensive as others, you never know what the future holds. There are many unfortunate situations in which the healthiest individuals are faced with serious accidents that need medical attention. Something as simple as a broken ankle can get you broke if you don’t have health insurance, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore it is extremely important for you to get a suitable life insurance plan depending on your lifestyle.

Find financial assistance

While the idea of health insurance may be appealing, what many fail to mention is the additional payments you’ll have to make on your own. Starting from monthly premiums to deductibles and copayments, you end up paying a big amount of out-of-pocket expenses anyway. This doesn’t sound like a very cost-effective option, does it? 

But here’s the thing about health insurance: depending on your case, you’ll most probably find financial assistance within your plans. Many of those who’re struggling financially have their reasons to be; a student who’s studying abroad will most certainly be tight on finances. As the health care insurance experts at Now Health International explain, some students might have access to the public health care system as a part of their student visa, while some won’t. Even those with access will have to deliver co-payments, wait in lines, and find a way to communicate with foreign physicians who don’t speak their language. In these situations, getting financial assistance in the form of Private Health and Medical Insurance for International Students will give them a tailor-made health plan that suits their needs, connects them with a network of physicians that speak their native language, and gives them coverage for the additional costs. 

Get high-quality and timely treatment

With the finances out of the way, you won’t have to think twice before seeking medical attention once you need it. Your treatment will be as timely as you need it to be to properly address your health situation and prevent any complications. You’ll also get access to a comprehensive network of highly skilled physicians who work together to take care of you, instead of opting for cheaper services that compromise your health care quality. 

Get coverage for outpatient services

Depending on your health care plan, you may get partial or total coverage for outpatient services. This coverage will prove invaluable as you perform various types of tests and procedures, and will certainly serve you well in emergencies.

Benefit from preventive care

You might think that health care is about getting treated for your conditions as they arise. The truth is that the best health care plans are the ones that give you preventive care to prevent you from falling sick in the first place. 

Get expert help in choosing your best options

Choosing a health care plan that’s both affordable and all-inclusive can be overwhelming, which is why you don’t have to do it on your own. As you browse through your options at Opinion Expert, you’ll find that experts are ready to offer you their advice and tailor their programs to suit your needs. You wouldn’t usually get this advantage if you opt for getting self-insurance.

Health insurance is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the best insurance you can get to maintain good health quality. While it may seem unnecessary at times, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A health insurance plan will ensure that you have access to affordable, timely, and high-quality health care whenever you need it while taking preventive measures to prevent diseases and complications.