Studies have shown that breast augmentation surgery has a very high success rate, but there may come a point when you would like to make some changes to your breasts after going through that procedure. Over time, some women would prefer to decrease the size of their breasts to create a well-balanced silhouette. Even though modern implants are very durable, those devices aren’t going to last forever, and there will come a point when they need to be replaced or taken out permanently. If you are struggling with any medical or cosmetic problems following your breast implants procedure, then you should take a closer look at breast implant removal surgery.

Good Candidates for the Breast Implant Removal Operation

There are quite a few reasons why this type of procedure has become so popular in the last few years. For many women, the potential risk of implant illness is a major factor. A vast amount of research must still be done on implant illness, but some patients have claimed to develop a variety of secondary problems following the breast augmentation procedure. Some of the most common symptoms that those patients are reporting include depression, insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, rashes, and brain fog. During your first appointment with your surgeon, you should tell them if you have noticed any of those issues. 

Another reason why some patients consider this procedure is because they would like to restore the natural appearance of their breasts. It is an unfortunate fact that you might feel as if the enhanced size of your breasts no longer suits your body, and that is when it is time to consider breast implant removal surgery. That operation will allow your surgical team to carefully remove the implants and any nearby scar tissue. 

Silicone Breast Implant Removal With Breast Lift

Once the implants have been removed, there is a relatively good chance that your breasts are going to appear deflated or sit too low on the chest. That is why your surgeon might suggest a silicone breast implant removal with breast lift. That combination procedure is a great option for most patients because a surgeon will be able to adjust the soft tissue so that the breasts remain perky and well-balanced. The results of the combination procedure could also last for decades as long as you remain as healthy as possible. 

The Implant Removal Process

This procedure usually only takes a few hours to complete, and you should remain completely asleep throughout the operation. In most cases, the surgeon will attempt to use the same incisions that were made during the initial breast augmentation operation. If that isn’t possible, then they might try to hide the incisions in the natural contours of the patient’s breasts. After the incisions have been made, the silicone shells and all of the surrounding scar tissue can be completely removed. At that point, the surgeon will begin the process of adjusting the soft tissue if the patient would like a breast lift as well. When the procedure is over, gauze and compression bandages are placed over the breasts to minimize swelling and discomfort. 

One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is the fact the recovery period is fairly easy for most patients. You could be able to move around your own within a day or two, and some patients can resume working after three or four days. By the fourth or fifth week, your doctor will most likely clear you for all activities as long as you aren’t dealing with any complications.