When you put a lot of thought into your attire for work, you’re more likely to feel confident and powerful the moment you enter the office. However, creating the most professional-looking outfits can be tough if your existing wardrobe lacks panache. The tops, bottoms, and accessories you’ve owned for years may have lost their charm, and even if you mix and match these up, your final outfit could still end up looking too predictable or humdrum for you. If this is how you feel about your current collection of work clothes, and you aren’t satisfied with the looks you’re coming up with, perhaps it’s time to consider updating your work wardrobe.

New pieces of clothing will allow you to conceptualize brand-new office looks without a problem. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money or throw out everything in your dresser to make meaningful and stylish update to your work wardrobe. It’ll be enough to have these seven essential clothing items and accessories to breathe new life into your office outfits:


Women leggings are light, comfortable, and easy to wear. They also come in different colours and patterns, making them highly versatile pieces for your weekly office outfits. Even if leggings don’t seem typical in the corporate world due to their association with activities like yoga, good leggings—especially those in modern styles, like ponte knit leggings or twill leggings—can be styled up to look both professional and pleasing to the eye.

Knowing this, pick the right types of leggings to wear and style them according to your office’s dress code. In office settings, the thicker and opaquer your leggings are, the better. It’s also smart to invest in leggings that come in solid colours and in premium-looking fabrics and prints to avoid looking too casual for the office. Style them with looser tops like a shirt dress, tunic, or cotton poplin top to balance out the close-fitting style of leggings and look like a pro at both what you do and how you dress.

Button-up Shirts

The simplicity and elegance of button-up shirts make them quintessential garments for every business professional. They’re easy to pair with almost any bottom, from dark grey slacks to long pleated beige skirts, and can be made to look even more professional by being neatly tucked into a skirt or pair of slacks. A crisp and freshly pressed white button-up shirt will never fail to make you look sharp during your workweek. But you can also choose to wear button-up shirts that come in more interesting colours and patterns and style them up with complementing outer layers, accessories, and shoes when updating your work wardrobe.

Well-Fitted Blazers

Throwing on a blazer will give even your simplest work ensembles a quick professional flair. Black blazers, in particular, are powerful statement pieces that can be used for any big office occasion—whether it’s pitch day or you have lunch scheduled with a client. Invest in a well-made blazer that’s perfectly fitted to your body type to avoid looking dowdy or uncomfortable.

Knee-Length and Midi Dresses

Knee-length and midi dresses are great workwear options for days when you want to put on something simple and quick, but want to command the room the moment you walk in. They conform to most office dress code policies, which makes them a convenient choice. But these dresses also come in many different colours and styles, which makes them to style up. Choose a knee-length or midi dress in a colour that flatters you and match it with smart-looking shoes and accessories.


High-heeled shoes will definitely add a touch of elegance to your workplace attire. However, the thought of wearing them the entire day might make you second-guess your decision. Lots of high-heeled shoes are designed to place a ton of pressure on your forefeet. That’s why it’s common for pain to build up in your feet after a few hours of walking and standing.

Fortunately, a good pair of pumps will give you the power and height you’re looking for in a heeled shoe without the foot pain when updating your work wardrobe High-quality pumps are made from premium materials that offer long-lasting comfort and durability. As a result, they’re easier to walk in compared to other high-heeled shoes. They also come in various styles that are both sophisticated and timeless, so you won’t have any trouble incorporating them into your next work outfits. As for colour, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black, nude, or white-coloured pumps.


Loafers are perfect for when you don’t want to wear high-heeled shoes to work. They’re also better suited for the workplace compared to ballet flats, sandals, or slip-ons as the latter are sometimes considered as too casual. To maintain a professional appearance, get loafers that come in dark colours like black, brown, and burgundy. Avoid wearing loafers that have white soles, since they get dirty fast.

Simple, Yet Elegant Jewellery

Complete your office attire with simple but elegant-looking jewellery. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces will all give your outfit some texture and add some welcome sparkle to outfits in dark or muted colours. When choosing what jewellery to wear, pick accessories that accentuate your face and clothes. Wearing classic diamond stud earrings, a pearl necklace, or a gold chain bracelet may be just enough to give your outfit a simple yet sophisticated touch.

Even if you’re at the office, you have plenty of opportunities to let your personality shine through in your clothing. Your clothing can give people a pretty good impression of your work style and professional ambitions, so don’t be afraid to put effort in the way you dress. Flaunt a stylish and professional look, and give yourself the confidence boost you need to conquer the daily grind!