A sports injury can be a devastating setback for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Having to sit on the sidelines while you heal can be frustrating and depressing. The body takes time to heal, there is not much that can be done about that, but there are ways that you can help yourself to heal a bit faster.

Some injuries can take weeks or months to really get back to normal. It’s important to follow your doctor’s orders and stay with any therapies that are recommended. Don’t rush an injury, as you could end up doing more damage than you started with.

Canadians love their sports, especially hockey, and in the dead of winter it can be tough to stay away from the arena if you are nursing an injury. In the prairie provinces like Manitoba there isn’t much else to do all winter. To help yourself get back in the game in the shortest amount of time you should find a sports injury clinic in Winnipeg to help you and follow some of these healing tips.


Staying hydrated is even more important for your body when you are healing from an injury. Getting enough water can be a vital component of getting back to normal. When your body is recovering from an injury it needs just as much power as a regular workout would require. Make sure that you drink lots of water or juice but, stay away from the usual sports drinks during this time.

Green Tea Ointment

In the past decade, many people have discovered the potent power of green tea. Although you may enjoy using green tea for an energy boost, you may not know that it can be used as a topical ointment as well. A combination of vaseline and green tea extract blended and rubbed into an injured muscle can actually help you to recover a little bit quicker.


Proteins are the building blocks of all of the muscles in your body. So, when your muscles are recovering from an injury, protein is an essential part of that regeneration. Try to fill your diet with lean proteins mixed with plenty of fruits and vegetables to max out your nutrient intake. Healing takes a lot of energy and increasing your protein intake can help fuel your body and recover faster.


You may have lost a lot of your mobility due to a sports injury, but a bit of exercise is still a good idea. Too much sitting around can leave your other muscles and ligaments shrunken and out of shape. A bit of cardio each day for a short period of time can help keep your circulatory system and muscles in shape and ready for your return.


There is no magic remedy that can have you up on your feet in just days after a sports injury. Try to be as patient as you can and allow your body enough time to heal itself properly. When you rush things you can end up reinjuring yourself even worse. Try a few of these tips as a proactive approach to your own healing and in no time you will be back in the game.