Veganism is surging in popularity. From concern over the ways animals are treated or out of a duty of care for the environment, support for veganism has swelled: the number of vegan foodies in the UK has quadrupled since 2014.

There has been a raft of celebrities endorsing the vegan diet. Ranging from world-famous musicians like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish to actor Joaquin Phoenix to sports stars like Venus Williams and Kryie Irving.

But who are the central figures spearheading the movement? Who is creating brand new ways of thinking about vegan food? What vegan treat is set to take off next?

In this piece, we’ve identified three different vegan social media accounts you need to be aware of. Follow them and you’ll have all the latest developments in leading life as a vegan.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is a television and radio presenter who so many of us have grown up watching and listening to in the UK. But, did you know that she is also a vegan? In recent years, she’s stepped away from the worlds of television and radio and dived into the world of cooking.

Since 2016, she’s released three different recipe books. Her most recent entry, Happy Vegan, aims to introduce readers to the advantages of a plant-based diet.

On Instagram, this vegan foodie is constantly sharing stories that give her followers an insight into the kind of meals she consumes on an everyday basis. She’s even got an entire channel of Instagram stories dedicated to food: you’ll see everything from spiced muffins to chai tea fruit cake.

We are Veganuary

The Veganuary movement actually started right here in the UK. Jane Land and Matthew Glover set out to encourage more people to take on the challenge of leading a vegan lifestyle. By the end of it, many participants realised how eminently achievable it actually is and became full time vegans.

The first Veganuary took place in 2016. In the years since, the movement has since taken on a life of its own – the 2021 edition recruited over 500,000 people to live a vegan lifestyle during the month of January.

The official Veganuary Instagram account is followed by close to 400,000 users and it keeps its following well-stocked with recipe ideas, eye-opening statistics and extensively researched blogs.

As a UK charity, its primary aim is to educate and get more people involved. By sharing recipes, expounding on the health benefits of vegan food and highlight some of the struggles animals face, it strives to do just that. 

Minimalist Baker

Butter, eggs and dairy products: three fixtures of baking. Since the Great British Bake Off first aired on our screens, baking has been a bit of a national obsession – with lockdown offering a unique opportunity for new bakers to get started. For many vegans, baking just isn’t a possibility.

The Minimalist Baker has set out to change that. By simplifying plant-based baking, they’ve created a range of plant-based baking recipes that take less than 30 minutes to create. You’ll find everything from bread and biscuits to cakes and pastries on this vegan foodies page.