At an average age of forty, most men notice a decline in their sexual performance. Some symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) are the loss of libido, weak erection, low production of testosterone, and premature ejaculation. The condition of penile impotence might lead to loss of confidence, and the inability to satisfy your partner sexually.

However, the male enhancement formula of Virectin uses herbal ingredients to boost intimate play and prepare the consumer for pleasurable sex. It’s easy to get hard erections and deliver sexual performance with Virectin.

What Are Virectin Pills For Penis Enlargement?

The Virectin is specifically designed to help improve the quality and strength of the erection upon arousal. A few inches to the girth of the penis occurs when there’s a firmer and harder erection after consuming Virectin pills.

However, the increase in penis size depends on the duration of consumption, the age of the consumer, health status, and system absorption. The formula is a blend of herbal, and all-natural compounds that take away the reasons for poor sexual performance. This male enhancement supplement may boost your emotional desire for sex, stamina, energy, and production of testosterone.

The Main Ingredients Of Virectin Pills

The all-natural Virectin ingredients are safe and effective. The product is made by Gentopia Labs whose goal is the use of clinically-tested herbs to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They also claim to promote reproductive health.

Niacin: Erectile dysfunction (ED) often occurs in men with dyslipidemia, and vitamin B3 (niacin) can treat these conditions. This Virectin ingredient is a nutrient that relaxes arteries (blood vessels) and dilates them for a continuous supply of blood.

Niacin is a vasodilator that causes stimulation of the sensory parts of the penis for harder and long lasting erections during sex. A deficiency of niacin might trigger certain health conditions and there’s 25 mg/serving in Virectin pills. Other sources of Niacin (vitamin B3) are grains, veggies, and tuna fish.

Selenium: Selenium is a herbal extract that’s rich in antioxidants, and boosts the sperm’s quality. The concentration of sperm per ejaculation can be improved with the consumption of this Virectin ingredient. Selenium may also promote healthy metabolism, treat male infertility, and protect prostate cells.

Zinc: Zinc Sulphate is a Virectin ingredient that promotes healthy sperm, and the production of testosterone. Generally, this element plays a vital role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Naturally, there’s a rich concentration of zinc in prostate cells, and our immune system. More so, in Virectin, Zinc Sulphate is 30 mg/serving.

L-Arginine: L-Arginine is an amino acid nutrient that your kidneys convert into nitric oxide for a firmer erection before sex. This Virectin ingredient is a vasodilator that improves sexual functions in men with erectile dysfunction.

Before an erection can occur, the arteries need to relax for the blood supply to reach the sensitive tissues of the male genitalia. The concentration of L-Arginine in Virectin is 300 mg per serving.

Fenugreek extract: This herbal extract is a natural aphrodisiac that increases the production of testosterone. Naturally, this extract contains antioxidants that also boost libido, and helps to develop the overall reproductive health of men.

The Cheers and Jeers


  • Virectin pill has a dual effect on the consumer’s libido. The formula contains ingredients that are natural aphrodisiacs, and they may increase the production of male sexual hormones.
  • Unlike other male enhancement supplements, Virectin contains many effective, and safe ingredients.
  • Virectin helps your erection stay harder, longer and larger.
  • The formula will reduce the occurrence of embarrassing premature ejaculations .
  • Virectin has a money-back guarantee.


  • Niacin as a Virectin ingredient might cause flushing and other side effects.
  • Exceeding the dose of Virectin might lead to high concentrations of zinc, and the consumer might have lethargy and intestinal discomfort.
  • Virectin may not be affordable for all consumers.

How This Stuff Works

Virectin uses several ingredients that support good sexual health in men. By supporting levels of male hormones in the body, men may experience a stronger sex drive and more sexual endurance. Virectin also contains blood-circulatory ingredients like L-Arginine and Niacin.  They help Virectin consumers to optimize blood through arteries that go to the corpora cavernosa.

When there’s a steady flow of nutrients and blood to sensitive areas of the male genitalia, the filled arteries will become rigid and cause rock-hard erections. More so, Virectin ingredients like Avena Sativa and Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) may also help to increase the production of testosterone.

This boost will cause high libido, stamina, and increased confidence to satisfy your sexual partner. Additionally, the antioxidants in Selenium can enhance the quality of your sperm.

Does Virectin works for all cases of erectile dysfunction? There might be different results for the consumer of Virectin because of their health status and age and this formula might not relieve extreme cases of erectile dysfunction.

A Quick Comparison: Virectin VS Other Penis Enhancement Products

Unlike other products that contain two or three ingredients, Virectin contains a proprietary blend of over a dozen effective all-natural ingredients. Each Virectin ingredient works in synergy to treat different symptoms of erectile dysfunction. More so, Virectin pills are dietary supplements with safe ingredients, and the formula doesn’t contain synthetic testosterone.

However, when consumers exceed the dose of Virectin pill, they might experience Niacin flush, lethargy, and abdominal discomfort. Virectin pills are sold online and may be out of the reach of customers that may not have access to the internet. Additionally, Virection is more costly than some other male sexual support supplements but this is reflected in the quality of the formula.

My Experience With Virectin

“I have tried other brands of herbal male enhancement supplements to increase my sex drive. However, none of them have ever brought fast relief like Virectin pills. This supplement is effective and dissolves faster into the bloodstream for quick results.”

  • H. Alehandro, UK

“The erectile dysfunction symptom that always lowered my sexual confidence was a weak erection. Since the age of forty-five, it’s been difficult to satisfy my sexual partners. After trying a couple of male enhancement supplements, I was pleased to find an effective treatment with Virectin pills. Virectin has given me renewed confidence just like when I was young.”

  • Sabina Jose, Canada

“I am fifty-two years old and haven’t really had much sexual energy for a long time now. I decided to take Virectin and it’s made a real difference! It feels really good to have my groove back again.”

  • S.Milano, U.S.A

The Final Verdict

This all-natural Virectin formula is among the top male enhancement pills in the market today. Apart from being a new sex pills for men, Virectin pills are more than aphrodisiacs.

Virectin pills contain ingredients that are all natural herbal extracts and may have other health benefits due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has good consumer reviews and is backed by a solid money back guarantee. As with any supplement, it’s advisable to follow the recommended dosage on the product’s label and if the consumer has any other medical conditions, it’s wise to consult a physician first.