Walk for Bissell at Coldest Night of the Year, our largest annual fundraiser that supports individuals and families struggling in our community, especially during the coldest months. Start by asking friends and family to support you through donations in the weeks leading up to your walk and on February 26, get walking!

On event day, you can either head to one of our pre-selected routes or create a path of your own. You can walk solo or with others (safely, of course). Don’t forget to take a few selfies and tag #WalkForBissell. The YEG Fitness Team even created a group and we’d love to have you come join us.

This event is a covid-safe and family-friendly walk to raise funds for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger across the country. This year Bissell Centre has set a goal of $100,000 in donations, and we cannot do it without you!

Walk with us on February 26, 2022– there’s a place for everyone!

Why We Walk for Bissell

Too many individuals and families are struggling in our community, especially during winter’s coldest months.

Funds raised will support our Community Space, which allows individuals to walk in out of the cold and gain not only immediate access to basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and hygiene facilities but the opportunity to seek life-changing supports to help empower them to move from poverty to prosperity.

A Word from the Lead Sponsor

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

The Coldest Night of the Year walk is an event rooted in community and compassion, and represents what the Bissell Center stands for—slow and steady progress forward for those who may feel a step behind. And above all, it restores hope. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation is proud to continue its lead sponsorship of and support for the walk—and, in turn, the Bissell Center—in our common goal of improving health for all Albertans.