After deciding to start yoga teacher training the insecurity questions start to creep in. What if I’m not advanced enough? What if I can’t answer a student’s questions? What If…? The good news is you’re not alone if you feel this way; many yoga instructors felt the same way before they began their yoga teacher training. The even better news is you’re not required to know everything. That’s kind of the point of “training,” isn’t it?

Go In Fully Committed

First and foremost, go into your yoga teacher training fully confident. If you experience even the slightest bit of doubt throughout your decision making, remind yourself how much you love yoga and how badly you want to become an instructor.

Otherwise, insecurities are capable of taking you over and will cause you to have a very poor experience with your yoga teacher training.

As long as you go in fully committed to seeing it through to the end, are confident in what you know and willing to admit what you don’t know, you should be able to have a very enjoyable and educational experience

Focus on Learning

The whole point of yoga teacher training is for the students to learn. During your yoga teacher training you will have access to a, if not multiple, very intelligent yoga instructor that is willing and able to teach you everything you need to know about yoga.

Be sure to ask questions, seek one on one sessions with your instructor and soak in every piece of advice possible. By doing so, you will have very little reason to be concerned of not being prepared when you are a yoga instructor yourself.

Socialize and Make Friends

Yoga, in every instance, should be an enjoyable experience and a chance to socialize with those around you, who more than likely have similar interests as you.

Yoga teacher training courses are a great opportunity to make friends and learn from other yoga enthusiasts. Many friendships have been formed through yoga teacher training courses, and if you go in open minded, you may just gain a new best friend. You can even go on a yoga retreat in Bali to really focus on yoga while letting friendships develop naturally with other retreat attendees.

At the least, socializing with your fellow students is a great way to learn and enjoy yourself throughout the experience.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything

It’s quite funny that so many who aspire to become a yoga instructor go into their yoga teacher training with the fear that they don’t know enough. The whole point of teacher training is to, well, receive training for the things you don’t know.

Therefore, don’t fret over what you don’t know. Go in open minded and willing to learn with the understanding that there might be questions you aren’t able to answer.

By doing so, you will open yourself up to learning at a faster rate and will have a very enjoyable yoga teacher training experience.

Take Everything in Stride

When learning anything, there are certain to be moments where you become completely overwhelmed.

In order to avoid becoming stressed and overwhelmed, take everything in stride and focus only on the task at hand. Be willing to admit what you don’t know and slow things down if you face adversity throughout your yoga teacher training.