Exercise of any kind is healthy, and each type of workout offers a particular benefit that can improve your physical and mental health in some way. Strength training, for example, benefits bone health and helps to combat osteoporosis in addition to increasing your strength and muscle definition. But ask an expert tennis, squash, or badminton player about the benefits of their sport, and you’ll be blown away by how these racquet sports can help improve your life, and even lengthen it.

Forbes Magazine has previously stated that Squash is the “healthiest sport in the world!” They say that “30 minutes on the squash court provides an impressive cardio respiratory workout. Extended rallies and almost constant running builds muscular strength and endurance in the lower body, while lunges, twists and turns increase flexibility in the back and abdomen.” The 2017 British Journal of Sport Medicine and Harvard Medical School both said that they “found robust associations between participation in certain types of sports and exercise and mortality,” and a nine-year study of 80,306 British adults with an average age of 52 also demonstrated a 47% lower risk of death and 56% lower risk of Cardio-Vascular Disease mortality among those who played racquet sports compared to those who do not play sports. Swimming and aerobics also offered these benefits to a slightly lesser degree. The Mayo Clinic conducted a study of 8,577 Americans over the age of 25 and learned that playing tennis increase life expectancy by almost 10 years, more than any other sport.

Further to these benefits to our physical health, tennis and squash may also provide some support for mental health as well. Again according to Harvard Medical School, these sports demand strategy and planning and players are required to focus intently. This type of mindfulness and attention can help to ease stress, which in turn may help lower heart disease risk. There’s also the social aspect of the game, which may also lower stress and enhance feelings of happiness.

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