Daily exercise and the right choice of food are big steps towards good mental health.


Regular exercise is one of the most fundamental ways to stay fit. Exercise is not only for physical health but it helps you to keep your mental health on track. Regular exercise has a positive influence on depression, panic disorders, anxiety and many more. It provides relief by improving your memory and helps you to get a better sleep. In order to gain these benefits, there is no need to be an expert in exercise. Recent research has shown that a small amount of exercise daily is a step towards boosting your health. Exercise is a great protector against depression as it increases the neural growth, reduces inflammation and boosts your positive feelings. It also releases powerful chemicals and energizes your spirit.

Aerobic exercise: You can start with aerobic exercises includes jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing. This form of exercise plays a vital role in boosting your mental health. Recent studies have shown that daily walking outdoors helps you feel pleasure, a sense of calm, and improvement of your self-esteem. Moreover, it reduces tension, depression, weakness, and fatigue. Studies have shown that 16 weeks or more of regular exercise is twice as effective as anti-depressant pills. Outdoor exercise is fundamental because of the presence of vitamin D in sunlight. Vitamin D acts as a shield against depression. 

Green exercise: In order to improve your mental health through exercise you do not need to be in the gym. You can also do gardening, walking outdoors or simply by taking a breath of fresh air early in the morning. These activities improve the production of a number of chemicals like serotonin which uplifts our mood. Green exercise means to exercise in the natural environment and includes jogging or simply taking a few deep breaths out in nature. It plays a contributing role in decreasing stress, confusion, nausea, anger and depression. Green exercise exposes your body to plants which improve our immune systems. Plants contain airborne chemicals which protect us from bacteria and viruses and this improves your blood flow towards the brain.

Boxing: Boxing releases stress and anger. It empowers us and heals us mentally. Boxing improves our ability to stay focused and releases endorphins. It also improves cardiovascular health and the composition of the body.

Yoga: Yoga produces a strong link between the body and mind. If yoga is accompanied with meditation it has a great impact on our mental health. The benefits of yoga are relief from anxiety and 10 weeks of yoga has proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga also reduces inflammation.

Lift weights: Lifting weights has a huge impact on your overall health and emotions. It decreases anxiety and improves the function of the central nervous system.

Pilates: Pilates improves flexibility, and improves the coordination between mind and body. It improves posture and is a great stress reliever. It improves our breathing and relaxes us by meditating our body and mind.

Along with exercise, good food is also important in order to fight mental disorders like depression. With a healthy diet it is possible for you to heal yourself. You can also use prescription medication like Xanax available at www.xanaxonlineforsale.com which is an anti-depressant designed to improve your mental health. It enhances the amount GABA in the brain and releases serotonin which improves your mood and emotions. As always, it is best to consult your physician before taking any type of medication to ensure which form is best for you.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains potassium, folate, and vitamin C. It has a lot of fiber and improves our eyesight.

Salmon: Salmon consists of protein, potassium and is also a source of vitamin D. It is also a source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is a mood regulator in the brain.

Spinach: Spinach is a source of iron, potassium, magnesium, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is good for our hair, bones, skin and improves our vision.

Eggs: Eggs are a good source of vitamin B12. They are an important source of protein and are a quick and easy breakfast choice and a good start for the day.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, vitamin B and most importantly probiotic bacteria. Probiotics play a fundamental role in breaking down nutrients in the gut for better absorption into the body. It allows our body and mind to use these nutrients in a better way. Good bacteria in our stomach is essential for physical and mental health.

Berries: Various kinds of berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. contains vitamin C, fiber, potassium, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. Berries are good for the digestive system as well as for the brain.

Conclusion: Exercise has a massive impact on our mood. Exercise aids chronic depression by increasing the amount of serotonin which is present in our brain and plays a vital role in improving our sleep and regulating our mood. It also increases endorphins which are natural mood lifters and enhances our physical activity. Jogging, swimming and another aerobic exercise reduces those chemicals that are involved in causing depression. It improves our attention and helps you to stay focused. Exercise helps to treat those who want to avoid taking medicine for their depression. Other than aerobic exercise, weight lifting is also a way of improving your mental health. Along with good exercise, healthy food is also important. Avoiding junk food is a great step towards mental health. The above mentioned foods are a great source of those nutrients which will improve your mental health.