If you have ADHD, it may be an uphill battle to get your life organized. This may be especially hard if the condition develops from an early age. You can count on Uptown Psych for all your ADHD in Chicago needs. Below are some tips to help manage your ADHD tendencies.

Keep a Planner

One way to help manage your daily activities is to keep an updated planner. At first, it may look cumbersome having to carry a book around, but this will go a long way in helping you manage the condition. Keep track of all your to-do lists, appointments, and any other plans you might have. You can also have a section in the planner named “daily dump,” where you can take down notes and thoughts for future reflections. Set a weekly appointment when you can sit down to update the planner for the coming week. Be creative in the way you plan your journal and find it easy to execute what needs to be done without feeling overwhelmed.

Always Practice Time Management

Indecisiveness is a major characteristic among people with ADHD. Employ time management skills in everything that you do including your decision-making skills. Have a time frame to stick to in everything that you do. Do not agonize over not being able to accomplish big projects with long schedules, but rather, make the best of each moment in your daily schedule.


If you have ADHD, having things lying around can cause distraction and loss of focus. Giving yourself less workload in organizing things around you is the best way to embark on the journey to bring order in your life. Pack every item in your room that is no longer in use so that you do not have to spend time looking for items that are frequently used. 

Develop habits such as avoiding impulse buying to help your living environment be clutter-free. Other ways to help de-clutter include adding your name and address in the Direct Mail Association’s “Do Not Send” list and unsubscribing to online newsletters.   

Use The Buddy System

If you have ADHD, it becomes hard for you to remain focused for an extended period, which can hinder you from achieving your goals. It helps to seek help from family and friends when you are working on sensitive tasks. Ask your partner or a family member to accompany you when going to pay credit card bills, or sit with you when you are writing appreciation letters. It will also help if you can join a study group and have a designated buddy to help redirect your attention when you get distracted during your studies.

You can also find strength in numbers by becoming a member of an ADHD support group. Besides helping you deal with emotions due to your condition, support groups are a vital resource in helping you to remain organized.

Do not allow ADHD to define your life. Visit Uptown Psych today to learn more about managing the condition from Dr. Amundson and his team.