Your mental and physical well-being is essential to sustaining a happy and healthy life. The good news is that with a few changes to your current lifestyle you can improve them and get more out of life. 

Abusive Habits 

Everyone has a few bad habits that may, to others, seem annoying. However, when the bad habits take a toll on your health and mental state of mind, it’s something you need to fix. Smoking is one such habit that many people engage in, despite the overwhelming evidence of its harmful side effects. 

Drugs and alcohol are two others that, again, can harm your health and cause you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t consider. Driving while drunk or under the influence of a controlled substance is not just dangerous, it’s against the law. And, unfortunately, you can become addicted rather quickly. Once that happens, you lose yourself to the substance and consuming it becomes more important than anything else. Thankfully, if you admit that you have a drug or alcohol addiction there are places you can go  — you have a wide variety of inpatient care facilities and outpatient rehab centers to choose from.

Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Being even a few pounds over your recommended weight can cause serious health problems down the road. And, with so much pressure on social media, those few pounds can also cause you mental stress. The good news is that you can lose weight slowly and keep it off by eating the right foods. Fast foods may be convenient but they contain high quantities of sodium and fat, things your body stores instead of burning off. By replacing fast or processed foods with lean meats, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts, you will consume foods that your body uses instead of producing fat pockets. It’s also important to eat breakfast, as the longer you go without eating, the more your body panics about the next meal and ultimately stores it away as if it’s the last supper. 

Get Up and Move 

If you remain sedentary or walk slowly, you’re not going to burn extra calories or give your body a workout. Exercise is something your body needs for both your physical and mental fitness. Exercise helps your internal organs function properly, builds strong muscles and ligaments, and keeps your weight under control. It also gives you a strong heart, a lower pulse rate and relaxes you so that you can fall asleep easier. Additionally, exercise produces endorphins that instantly wipe away the blues and leave you feeling happy and energized. 

“Me” Time 

You may think it’s selfish to take time just for yourself. However, having time all to yourself to do what you want to do actually helps keep your mental state in good condition. When every second of every day becomes consumed with caring for others, you start to feel left out and without purpose. Over time this can lead to strong feelings of resentment and even depression.  It’s important to find something you like to do, and then make time to do it. Maybe you love plants and want to grow your own garden. Maybe you like to paint, draw or sculpt, or even spend a day of self-pampering at the spa. The point is to do something for yourself! 

Connect Mind and Body 

A great way to improve your overall health and physical well-being is to engage in weekly meditation sessions. When you meditate you leave the outside world behind and connect the body and the mind as one. Performing meditation weekly will allow your body to release its stress and relax. When the body is at a state of rest and calm, it performs wonderfully. 

You only have one life to live. Take care of your mental health and your body so that you can improve your chances of maintaining your health and living longer.