Let’s talk about wellness travel. Although this type of travel becomes a hot trend and grows fast in the past few years, many people don’t know about it. What is wellness travel? This is travel to promote, maintain or improve health and well-being through physical, psychological or spiritual activities. It can include holistic spa treatments, yoga and meditation, hiking, cycling, canoeing, Nordic walking, adventure travel, healthy food, and health education lectures. There are many programs available to choose from. They are focused on stress relief, detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging, slimming, feel-good, etc. Wellness travel differs from health/medical travel that focuses on the diagnosis, health improvement or medical treatment of specific health problems. Health tourism offers travelers the lowest price for health care, high quality service and treatments that are not available in their country of residence.

Health and wellness travel attracts many likeminded people with an interest in health, fitness and adventure, who desire to explore unknown health and wellness destinations, services and facilities. Travel industry experts predict that wellness tourism is expected to grow 50% faster than the overall travel industry in the next 5 years because of customers’ demand. There are more and more people who realize the benefits of healthy living, take action, make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and get into fitness.

Please don’t get me wrong. Wellness vacation is not a few hours long everyday workout. Fitness activities are just part of your travel. There is a lot of time to explore new places, visit attractions, and have some leisure time. It is pleasant and relaxing getaway to your preferred destination, with activities type and level you are comfortable with. Beside that, excursion, beauty spa treatments, theatre and events tickets, cooking and dance classes, massages and nutrition lectures, and much more could be arranged and included in your vacation itinerary. Your vacation could be fully tailored according to your needs, interests, and fitness level.

Well-designed vacation is very important. Otherwise, you will come home feeling more exhausted and stressed than before your holiday. In that case, you will need to take a few more days off to recover from your trip. According to the Spafinder Wellness Inc. consumer insight survey, there are 84% travelers who come home from vacations feeling less well, relaxed, and rejuvenated than when they left and 40% travelers said that this occurred many times or almost all the time to them. A vacation intended to be relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating, recharging and enjoyable. It is a break from your work and routine everyday life. Travel is a great opportunity to see the world, learn about new cultures, reconnect with your family and unwind. The main reason for taking vacation is to reduce stress that can lead to many serious health diseases.

Wellness travel is ideal for those who want to come back fully recharged and refreshed from their healing and relaxing holidays. Also, it is the perfect way to take steps toward a healthy lifestyle. Diversity of wellness package options and destinations can be overwhelming. Contact to the certified well-being travel specialists who will offer you wellness travel packages, provided by travel suppliers, or create a fully customized vacation package to suit your needs and expectations. Get fit, reconnect with yourself and enhance your well-being in one of the worldwide wellness destinations. Enjoy the healthy getaway you deserve and get an experience your vacation like never before! This journey will help you to achieve a better balance in your life, feel relaxed, blessed, rejuvenated and last long enough after your holiday.



Lidiya Gorodivska is a certified well-being travel specialist and promotes health through travel. She offers a variety of health and wellness vacation packages for travelers and works with wellness specialists who are interested in creating wellness vacation packages with their own unique programs. Also, she works with business owners and HR specialists who want to boost employees’ productivity and reduce their stress with wellness vacations. Visit www.worldwellnesstravel.ca to learn more about health and wellness travel. Facebook: www.facebook.com/worldtravelalberta