There are many nootropic supplements in the market today. Some of these works to promote the performance of the brain. One of these is Lumonol.

Lumonol works by stimulating the brain. It causes the memory, performance and focus of the brain to increase. This supplement is manufactured by Avanse Nutraceuticals in the United States of America. On the website of this supplement production company, you can find more information about it.

The ingredients in this supplement

Lumonol has been manufactured with ingredients that promote three main functions. They include;

  1. Energy
  2. Memory boosting
  3. Focus reunion

One of these ingredients is vitamin B12. Also known as methylcobalamin, this ingredient promotes the efficiency of your neurological functions. In addition to that, itensuresthatyour brain grows in a healthy way. There are 250mg of vitamin B12 in Lumonol.

In this supplement, methylcobalamin reduces brain fog. In addition to that, this ingredient works to increase energy in the brain. It is capable of doing this by crossing the barrier between the blood and the brain.

Another ingredient in the best Lumonol is Memory Blend. There is 375 mg of this ingredient in Lumonol. It is a proprietary blend that works to increase your memory retention. This blend is made of a number of ingredients that work together to make it effective.

Ciicoline (CDP Choline)

This ingredient is especially important in promoting the efficiency of neurotransmission processes in the brain. According to studies conducted by nutritionists, many people don’t get enough of this ingredient in their daily diets. As such, it is provided in this nootropic supplement so as to enhance your memory when you consume it. This ingredient also promotes mental focus.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is an herbal extract that has been used for millennia for medicinal purposes. The Chinese used it in their herbal medication for mental wellness. Studies conducted in clinics and research bodies have indicated that it is effective in combating dementia as well as decline in mental capacity. This extract is also included in Lumonol.


Noopept is a major ingredient in Lumonol. This ingredient is well known for its effects in beating cognitive degeneration. A really small dose of this nootropic ingredient is required for the purpose of boosting mental performance. It is quite similar to Piracetam, another brain supplement ingredient. However, it is better than Piracetam because you only need a very minute dose to enjoy its benefits.

This ingredient is very effective due to its nature. It gets metabolized in the body very fast. In less than 25 minutes after consuming it orally, you will feel the effects of this ingredient. Inadditionto that, it has a cumulative effect in the body. This means that it will get more effective in your body as you keep using it. As a result of its characteristics, it is one of the major ingredients in Lumonol. It is a very versatile ingredient. This is because it also performs a neuroprotective function when consumed. It prevents the brain from suffering oxidative damage.


Dr. Sanjay Deet is a certified nutritionist. She has worked with various types of supplements for many years. As such, her knowledge is valuable in producing the best Lumonol.

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